Bella Italia – Polla Alla Crema

So I am 100000% obsessed with Carbonara pasta, it’s all i’ve eaten for about 8 years and my favourite place to go eat Carbonara in the UK is BELLA ITALIA

The best thing about Bella is that I can pretty much go anywhere in the UK and still have my favourite meal as they’ve got so many restaurants. Plus I always try and use discounts when eating so its cheap!

I’ve been so many times to my local one, i’d say probably about 5 times in the last month, that the waiter not only knew and wrote down what I wanted before I’d even said anything, but he knew I like it without ‘green crap’

Oddly enough I don’t actually eat the Carbonara dish here but I prefer the baked version they call ‘Pollo Alla Crema’ without green crap or vegetable crap (I don’t do anything green and i’m pretty certain i’ve got a phobia of all vegetables)

The only thing about Bella Italia’s meals are that the quality is not consistent, sometimes it’s cooked really well, not too dry, plenty of sauce, soft pasta and chicken and lots of pancetta plus no green crap and sometimes it’s too dry, only a few drops of sauce is used and one time it came minus the chicken (the main ingredient!) but I still love it so much i’m willing to take the risk of a great meal or meh it’s ok meal.

BELLA ITALIA all the way!!


Here are a few more pictures from my past few dinners!

This one I had was a bit dry – they needed to put more sauce in it when they cook it as it’s baked, it can dry out quickly!

This meal I had was very nice and they put plenty of sauce so it was very tasty! Plus it wasn’t overcooked either so I enjoyed this one!

This is my most recent meal and the 2nd one I’ve had since they’ve changed the menu! You seem to get a lot more now and there was an awful lot of chicken pieces too and all the pancetta was at the bottom, so I had to mix it quite a bit! Still delish!

Although after eating the top layer I found a lot of oil at the bottom….

My boyfriends lasagne:

Ordered a desert: The Godfather, yum yum


2 thoughts on “Bella Italia – Polla Alla Crema

  1. Maybe you could get the receive for me, as it’s also my favourite dish, but I’m not so lucky to be able to go so frequently. Would love to be able to cook this at home.

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