Scruffy Little Cat

Me = Shopping, Pink, Pearls, Drink

So a while ago I ordered a customised bag of…erm myself from this really cute shop/business called SCRUFFY LITTLE CAT and today I finally got my bag in the post and I’m in love ♥

The pictures don’t show how amazing the bag actually is in real life – its full of glitter & pink! I really love the little extra designs and it’s great how much detail has gone into them especially as all I said I wanted was ‘Champagne, pearls, bubbles’.

I admit I was a bit nervous when I opened my package as to how my personalised bag would look and how my key words would’ve been brought to life in glitter and paint but it’s perfect ♥

The only thing that I would’ve liked to change on the bag is the outfit as I would’ve loved to have had the doll in a sparkly dress but hey ho there’s nothing wrong with jeans! I actually really love the designs of the characters with their rosy cheeks!

SCRUFFY LITTLE CAT sell other customised bags in different sizes and styles but definitely think the large premium is worth the investment (and all the extra glitz is worth an additional £5)

These bags have been the latest trend and have been so popular since the end of last year so I was expecting a super long wait for my bag, especially as their website says to expect ‘4-6 weeks’ but mine was painted and received in 2 weeks. Maybe i’m just a lucky one?

I ordered the Large Handpainted Premium (The bespoke bags seems unavailable now)



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