Loch Fyne

Such lovely weather today, me and my sister decided to go to Loch Fyne in Leeds city centre! I’ve been walking past it for ages and have never been to a proper sea food oyster restaurant as i’m so fussy but really fancied going as I do love salmon and lobster! 

We sat outside cos it was so hot and it was really nice eating outside but the service outside is a bit dire! Maybe because it was after lunch time so there weren’t many people eating I guess but we didn’t get given our menus and eventually my sister had to go inside to order our drinks and ask for a menu! Then we still had to go inside to order our food – might as well have just gone into the kitchen and served it to myself! 

Anyway I ordered the lobster with garlic butter and fries – bit on the pricey side for lunch, it was about £22 and the lobster was a bit small, not much meat but was very tasty and really enjoyed the garlic with it! Wish they would have opened up the claws though as it was so messy trying to do it myself!Image

Before: Delish (no I didn’t eat the green shit on the side!)


After: Destroyed

My sisters salmon with parsley sauce – pan fried: 


I’d defo go back again and get the lobster again but would probably like to go inside and chose a bigger one! Service was abit crummy although the girl was very nice it was more like self-service! 

Would I eat it again – yes sir




Aqua Couture Claudia Dress

My favourite shop/brand in the whole world: AQUA COUTURE

Ages ago I saw this dress worn by a non-celeb but people think she is a celeb (Kerry Katona)  in a cream colour (yeah I didn’t read the interview just more interested in the dress she was wearing!) and wanted it immediately but alas it wasn’t in stores yet and I waited months for it and when it finally did become available for me to buy for some bizarre reason I wanted it in black even though all I’d thought about was getting it in cream!

But happy days as I finally got my sought after dress just days before I went on holiday too and I’m so glad I did get it then as I found out afterwards that because Nicola wore it to go in the BB house it sold out!

I didn’t try it on when I bought it though which I kinda of regret now as I just assumed a size 8 would be right for me (i’m all over the place with their sizing! sometimes a size 8 is too big for me sometimes too small, sometimes 6 is just right but sometimes its way too tight!) The shoulders of the dress are a bit big for me and kept sliding down when I wore it but maybe it’s because I’m short and the dress is designed for a taller person?? who knows!


I would put a picture of me wearing it, but it was too dark on the night out I wore it so only have crappy shots of my shoulder!

oh la la


Now the sticky bits around the cleavage and the shoulder pads don’t really work in my opinion! It doesn’t stick to my skin as much as i’d like too and because I am a bit short the shoulders do slide off quite often!

Also the cleavage is quite low so I show quite a bit of boobage..(ignore the dirty mirror!)

The skirt part – I have the actual Klingon skirt (in black and nude) as well as the dress! I really liked this style for some reason!

I bought a size 8 and didn’t try it on as I was in a rush and the bottom half of it fits perfectly, but the top half is a bit loose, so I’m not sure whether I would’ve been better off getting the 6 – guess I’ll never know!


River Island Grey Spike Wedges

So I got these a while ago, after I was debating whether they were worth spending £100 on and I was really on the fence for ages even after trying them on, but as soon as she said it’s the last one in this colour and size (they were sold out online and in the main RI store in Leeds) I was SOLD!


Yea they hurt like a bitch on a night out cos i’ve got wide toes but what’s a little pain eh?


I’ve worn these babies out a few times now and for stacked wedges there actually quite comfy now! The colour makes my legs look slim and toned and I think the grey colour is actually a much better colour than the black so I’m glad I got them! Plus I’m much taller in them too!

Lovely gems and spikes – adds plenty of sparkle to the edge of my feet!

Suede material – luckily I haven’t ruined them yet!

Sexy Mo-Fo’s

Cafe Journal (London)

On a recent trip to London my boyfriend wanted to take me to a little italian restaurant he discovered in Bethnal Green I think, or near Liverpool st. I’m not really sure with London locations! 

He said it was amazing the first time he went and he swore I would love it and it would be the best carbonara i’ll ever have so I was preparing myself for something spectacular! 

The gentlemen who runs it was very nice and friendly, not only was he the waiter but the chef too and he must be the manager and owner- good job it wasn’t busy when we went!

We had a garlic bread for starters and it was really good! Really nicely presented and very tasty too – sometimes the garlic bread in other restaurants is more bread and no garlic, but he was the right combination so I enjoyed that a lot! 

For my main – guess what I got?! yep another Carbonara and I got to chose which pasta I wanted so I went for my penne! And it was very nice actually – I think it was abit watery tasting maybe the pasta was a bit undercooked but I still ate all of it, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was THE best Carbonara I’ve ever had (that trophy belongs to the Carbonara I had at some random casino in Barcelona!)

Yea I would eat there again and I have a feeling I will be since my bf’s in love with that place! One of the best things i’d have to say though about Cafe Journal is the price! For an italian meal in London it’s very cheap (my dish was £6.99!) so very reasonable for a nice lunch! 


Yea ok it’s not much to look at, but that’s how I like my food (plain and with no green crap!)


My boyfriends multi-pizza! Have no idea what it was called or even what it was! He enjoyed it though! 


Piccolino’s is actually the nearest Italian restaurant to my house, well it used to be called La Loconda which was a really great italian restaurant, but I went to uni and came back and they were gone 😦 sad times! 

So me and my sister decided to give Piccolino’s a go and order a few takeaways and I have to say my experience with them is mixed! We’ve order at least 4 takeaways and I’m always very clear in stating that I want no greens, no veg just plain pasta, pancetta and sauce and they’ve only managed 1 out 4 times to get my order actually right!

When my orders wrong it does put me off going back there and ordering again and I wasn’t exactly guna call them up and ask them to remove all the green crap off my food and give it back to me! 

Well me my bf decided to go for a sit down meal as I thought i’d give it another go and if it’s wrong again i’ll definitely be sending it back! This was the result of my meal:


It was ok again! Sauce was a bit bland and the bacon was far too crisp for my liking although it was nicely presented, maybe that bacon wasn’t for eating! I like the fact they give you a poached egg as I do love my egg, although one of my takeaways came with an egg and it was literally just the sauce and pasta! 

Would I eat piccolino’s again? only if I was really hungry and had no where else to go!

Would my boyfriend eat there again, after having his lasagne (below) … I doubt it! 


Crispy, small, black lasagne anyone??

Bibis Italianissimo

My absolute favourite place to go eat in the UK, although that isn’t saying much cos i’m so fussy I don’t eat at many other places! 

But been several times in the past year and always have a great meal from starters to dessert and it’s got such a great atmosphere that I always have a great night too! They’ve got show nights where you get a meal and theres performances, but haven’t been to any of those yet but hear that’d a great night too! 

For starters I always used to get the beer battered cod which is so delish! It comes with this lovely mayo that they make and the fish is always cooked perfectly, however was totally gutted last time I went to Bibis and it wasn’t on the menu anymore! I really hope they haven’t taken it off for good as it was my favourite! 


As for the main course, every time I go I get the Carbonara pasta, honestly, I swear I spot the word ‘Carbonara’ a mile off but atleast I don’t spend hours trying to decide what I want!

Anyway most of the time i’ve had it it’s been really good, but I have had the odd occasion where i’ve discovered an onion or 3 in my dish which puts me off finishing my meal completely! 

Last time I ordered it with salmon as well as I love salmon and it was very nice, but I don’t like spaghetti pasta and would’ve preferred penne but still enjoyed it


Most of the time it the Carbonara dish looks like this though:


My boyfriend got the salmon raviolli (not sure how to spell it – I’ve never had a raviolli in my life!) which was in a lobster sauce and as I do like my lobster I tasted the sauce which was gorgeous! and according to him the salmon was really good too and he said it was one of the best dishes he’s ever had so if you fancy a change I guess this worth a try!


Now as for dessert! Bibis has got the best desert ever!!

It’s this melt in the mouth chocolate sponge with toblerone ice cream covered in a warm chocolate sauce with white chocolate flakes! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm This desert is definitely worth the trip to Bibis alone! If you don’t order anything at least get this desert!




Prezzo Carbonara

So I’ve been to Prezzo a few times whilst I was at uni and tbh I can’t remember what the food was like so it must have been pretty middle of the road! 

Anyway went down to London a few weekends ago and Prezzo was the only that serves food that i’d eat in the new Kings Cross station so we decided to give it a go again and heres the result:Image


First impression – I don’t remember there being different shades of cheese on and it was pretty bland. The sauce was pretty plain tasting so it wasn’t the best i’ve had – in fact its not in the top 50 carbonaras i’ve had! I can see why I don’t have much memory of eating at Prezzo’s before!

The waitress there was lovely and very friendly and she even warmed my meal up after I said it’d gotten cold so quickly so that was a plus, but would I go again? …nahh!! 

Although I preferred it to Zizzi’s which was nasty!