Aqua Couture Claudia Dress

My favourite shop/brand in the whole world: AQUA COUTURE

Ages ago I saw this dress worn by a non-celeb but people think she is a celeb (Kerry Katona)  in a cream colour (yeah I didn’t read the interview just more interested in the dress she was wearing!) and wanted it immediately but alas it wasn’t in stores yet and I waited months for it and when it finally did become available for me to buy for some bizarre reason I wanted it in black even though all I’d thought about was getting it in cream!

But happy days as I finally got my sought after dress just days before I went on holiday too and I’m so glad I did get it then as I found out afterwards that because Nicola wore it to go in the BB house it sold out!

I didn’t try it on when I bought it though which I kinda of regret now as I just assumed a size 8 would be right for me (i’m all over the place with their sizing! sometimes a size 8 is too big for me sometimes too small, sometimes 6 is just right but sometimes its way too tight!) The shoulders of the dress are a bit big for me and kept sliding down when I wore it but maybe it’s because I’m short and the dress is designed for a taller person?? who knows!


I would put a picture of me wearing it, but it was too dark on the night out I wore it so only have crappy shots of my shoulder!

oh la la


Now the sticky bits around the cleavage and the shoulder pads don’t really work in my opinion! It doesn’t stick to my skin as much as i’d like too and because I am a bit short the shoulders do slide off quite often!

Also the cleavage is quite low so I show quite a bit of boobage..(ignore the dirty mirror!)

The skirt part – I have the actual Klingon skirt (in black and nude) as well as the dress! I really liked this style for some reason!

I bought a size 8 and didn’t try it on as I was in a rush and the bottom half of it fits perfectly, but the top half is a bit loose, so I’m not sure whether I would’ve been better off getting the 6 – guess I’ll never know!



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