Bibis Italianissimo

My absolute favourite place to go eat in the UK, although that isn’t saying much cos i’m so fussy I don’t eat at many other places! 

But been several times in the past year and always have a great meal from starters to dessert and it’s got such a great atmosphere that I always have a great night too! They’ve got show nights where you get a meal and theres performances, but haven’t been to any of those yet but hear that’d a great night too! 

For starters I always used to get the beer battered cod which is so delish! It comes with this lovely mayo that they make and the fish is always cooked perfectly, however was totally gutted last time I went to Bibis and it wasn’t on the menu anymore! I really hope they haven’t taken it off for good as it was my favourite! 


As for the main course, every time I go I get the Carbonara pasta, honestly, I swear I spot the word ‘Carbonara’ a mile off but atleast I don’t spend hours trying to decide what I want!

Anyway most of the time i’ve had it it’s been really good, but I have had the odd occasion where i’ve discovered an onion or 3 in my dish which puts me off finishing my meal completely! 

Last time I ordered it with salmon as well as I love salmon and it was very nice, but I don’t like spaghetti pasta and would’ve preferred penne but still enjoyed it


Most of the time it the Carbonara dish looks like this though:


My boyfriend got the salmon raviolli (not sure how to spell it – I’ve never had a raviolli in my life!) which was in a lobster sauce and as I do like my lobster I tasted the sauce which was gorgeous! and according to him the salmon was really good too and he said it was one of the best dishes he’s ever had so if you fancy a change I guess this worth a try!


Now as for dessert! Bibis has got the best desert ever!!

It’s this melt in the mouth chocolate sponge with toblerone ice cream covered in a warm chocolate sauce with white chocolate flakes! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm This desert is definitely worth the trip to Bibis alone! If you don’t order anything at least get this desert!





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