Cafe Journal (London)

On a recent trip to London my boyfriend wanted to take me to a little italian restaurant he discovered in Bethnal Green I think, or near Liverpool st. I’m not really sure with London locations! 

He said it was amazing the first time he went and he swore I would love it and it would be the best carbonara i’ll ever have so I was preparing myself for something spectacular! 

The gentlemen who runs it was very nice and friendly, not only was he the waiter but the chef too and he must be the manager and owner- good job it wasn’t busy when we went!

We had a garlic bread for starters and it was really good! Really nicely presented and very tasty too – sometimes the garlic bread in other restaurants is more bread and no garlic, but he was the right combination so I enjoyed that a lot! 

For my main – guess what I got?! yep another Carbonara and I got to chose which pasta I wanted so I went for my penne! And it was very nice actually – I think it was abit watery tasting maybe the pasta was a bit undercooked but I still ate all of it, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was THE best Carbonara I’ve ever had (that trophy belongs to the Carbonara I had at some random casino in Barcelona!)

Yea I would eat there again and I have a feeling I will be since my bf’s in love with that place! One of the best things i’d have to say though about Cafe Journal is the price! For an italian meal in London it’s very cheap (my dish was £6.99!) so very reasonable for a nice lunch! 


Yea ok it’s not much to look at, but that’s how I like my food (plain and with no green crap!)


My boyfriends multi-pizza! Have no idea what it was called or even what it was! He enjoyed it though! 


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