Piccolino’s is actually the nearest Italian restaurant to my house, well it used to be called La Loconda which was a really great italian restaurant, but I went to uni and came back and they were gone 😦 sad times! 

So me and my sister decided to give Piccolino’s a go and order a few takeaways and I have to say my experience with them is mixed! We’ve order at least 4 takeaways and I’m always very clear in stating that I want no greens, no veg just plain pasta, pancetta and sauce and they’ve only managed 1 out 4 times to get my order actually right!

When my orders wrong it does put me off going back there and ordering again and I wasn’t exactly guna call them up and ask them to remove all the green crap off my food and give it back to me! 

Well me my bf decided to go for a sit down meal as I thought i’d give it another go and if it’s wrong again i’ll definitely be sending it back! This was the result of my meal:


It was ok again! Sauce was a bit bland and the bacon was far too crisp for my liking although it was nicely presented, maybe that bacon wasn’t for eating! I like the fact they give you a poached egg as I do love my egg, although one of my takeaways came with an egg and it was literally just the sauce and pasta! 

Would I eat piccolino’s again? only if I was really hungry and had no where else to go!

Would my boyfriend eat there again, after having his lasagne (below) … I doubt it! 


Crispy, small, black lasagne anyone??


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