Prezzo Carbonara

So I’ve been to Prezzo a few times whilst I was at uni and tbh I can’t remember what the food was like so it must have been pretty middle of the road! 

Anyway went down to London a few weekends ago and Prezzo was the only that serves food that i’d eat in the new Kings Cross station so we decided to give it a go again and heres the result:Image


First impression – I don’t remember there being different shades of cheese on and it was pretty bland. The sauce was pretty plain tasting so it wasn’t the best i’ve had – in fact its not in the top 50 carbonaras i’ve had! I can see why I don’t have much memory of eating at Prezzo’s before!

The waitress there was lovely and very friendly and she even warmed my meal up after I said it’d gotten cold so quickly so that was a plus, but would I go again? …nahh!! 

Although I preferred it to Zizzi’s which was nasty! 


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