Loch Fyne

Such lovely weather today, me and my sister decided to go to Loch Fyne in Leeds city centre! I’ve been walking past it for ages and have never been to a proper sea food oyster restaurant as i’m so fussy but really fancied going as I do love salmon and lobster! 

We sat outside cos it was so hot and it was really nice eating outside but the service outside is a bit dire! Maybe because it was after lunch time so there weren’t many people eating I guess but we didn’t get given our menus and eventually my sister had to go inside to order our drinks and ask for a menu! Then we still had to go inside to order our food – might as well have just gone into the kitchen and served it to myself! 

Anyway I ordered the lobster with garlic butter and fries – bit on the pricey side for lunch, it was about £22 and the lobster was a bit small, not much meat but was very tasty and really enjoyed the garlic with it! Wish they would have opened up the claws though as it was so messy trying to do it myself!Image

Before: Delish (no I didn’t eat the green shit on the side!)


After: Destroyed

My sisters salmon with parsley sauce – pan fried: 


I’d defo go back again and get the lobster again but would probably like to go inside and chose a bigger one! Service was abit crummy although the girl was very nice it was more like self-service! 

Would I eat it again – yes sir




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