Always love AQUABYAQUA or AQUA COUTURE as I think they used to be known, and pretty much buy on average about 6-7 dresses a season and this season I really love their sulphur spring colour (bright lime greeny yellow) and that colours proved really popular too so was lucky enough to be able to buy the Floyd dress in my size before it sold out! 

I say it was my size (I bought a UK 8) thinking it’d be right as sometimes with their clothes 8’s are just right, sometimes it’s too big and sometimes I can’t even get them passed my hips (OK i’ve got a fat ass and wide hips, but still…) and although it does fit me fine, the back is a little bit lose, i’m thinking cos i’m short and it’s definitely designed for a taller person i.e someone over 5ft! 

But I really love the shape of the dress! I originally wanted the H&M bright green dress from the conscious collection this year but I wasn’t able to get hold of it – it wasn’t available online and only available in selected stores (which were all pretty much in London no where near Leeds) so was really happy I got this Aqua one instead!

I love how the skirt bit comes out and it really has proper shape to it so don’t need to worry about it getting flattened when I’m sat down! 


Yeah ignore the creases…cba getting the iron out


Love how it’s such a bright colour.. need to get a tan now to make it look even brighter


The H&M one I originally wanted – think the aqua ones much nicer though! 



2 thoughts on “AQUABYAQUA Floyd Dress

  1. Do u mind me asking what size your waist is? Im 5ft too and was wondering if I could get away with ordering the dress in an 8 from ebay (thats the only place I can get it!!!). Thank you x

    • Hi my waist is a size 28 and the 8 fits me around my waist perfectly! The only part that is a bit loose is the top half because i’ve got a short body so a 6 may fit better, but if your unsure get the 8! I love the dress so I’m sure you will too! Good luck with getting it! xx

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