Carvela Lolly Pumps

I really really love glittery shoes and agesss ago I was just having a browse through one of the Victoria Quarter magazine (shopping arcade in Leeds) and saw these amazing silver glittery heels with a lovely bow on the front and they were soo sparkly and lovely, I had to track them down.

So I went on the Kurt Geiger website and saw them and honestly was a bit disappointed when I saw the shoes as the heel was a pretty low heel and cos i’m so short I need to add length to me! They were nice but low heel = no buy for me! (I don’t think I actually own any heels less than 4 inches)

But I still really liked the design and the sparkly-ness so I was hoping for a pumps version and ta-da they had them ….. at £95!!!!!! woah I mean I know there nice but to be honest there still only pumps – £95 for some heels yeah ok, but for some flats with glitter on it’s pretty steep! So I was pretty reluctant to buy them for ages but eventually my want took over and I was determined to get them (but not for £95!)

So whilst ”revising” I went on my cheap shoe hunt and surprisingly amazon had them – usually I only go to amazon to buy cheap dvds and if I read books, i’d go to amazon to buy them too, so didn’t really expect to find them there but was glad they were as not only did they have the colour I wanted and it was in my size, they were about £45 cheaper BONUS!!!

Then just as I was about to buy them I saw it said if you sign up to there newsletter you get 20% off your first order – DOUBLE BONUS!!!! and yeah I unsubscribed from the newsletter after getting my discount! So here they are:





ah shoes…<3


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