Celeb Boutique Lucy Blazer

Now I love my fashion and constantly shop online but it’s only until recently that i’ve discovered CELEB BOUTIQUE! To sum up what they stock its pretty much all tight body-con dresses! 

Now I don’t watch Eastenders/ Corrie/Hollyoaks and personally cannot stand any of the TOWIE lot (all of whom are constantly in magazines but aren’t actually famous but have become famous now?!) but their constantly wearing Celeb boutique’s clothes and to me anything they wear I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole! 

So I haven’t bought any of Celeb boutique’s dresses (not sure if I will as there just not my style and tbh a bit pricey for what they are too!) but I really really really loved their ‘lucy’ blazer! It’s a really nice peplum style and just what i’ve been looking for so despite reading a few negative reviews and being a bit confused by their sizing (XS is 4-6, but S is 6-10?!? – where’s the 8?) I eventually decided to go safe and since I didn’t want to return anything (again read more bad reviews about there returns despite their website saying it was free to return) I went for the black one in a small as I knew that would definitely fit me!


So it arrived within the same week I ordered it and it what was kind of nicely packaged – the box was nice but had a lot of wear and tear to it like it’d been used before or handled really roughly! 

Anyway so I tried it on and although it does fit really nicely and I really like the shape of the blazer, it is a bit too big for me! I would’ve preferred it a bit tighter so think my next blazer I order ( I want it in nude too!) i’ll go for the XS

The buttons on the sleeve are a bit annoying though! There a bit loose but maybe there meant to be like that! Every time I move it makes like a rattling noise! Like I said I want the nude one so will get that one at some point but not sure whether i’ll be constantly shopping on there yet (it’s all a bit too Essex for me!) 








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