Tarina Tarantino Pink Ruffle Clutch

One of favourite if not my favourite bag i’ve ever bought! Yeah it’s not an everyday bag and it’s pink but I love pink and it’s soo pretty and cute I could cry!

And what makes the bag extra special? – the fact that there’s only 100 out there and mines no.10 (I know Paris Hilton has one, so where the other 98 are I’m not sure)

I loved Tarina Tarantino‘s old collections especially the barbie collection as I love barbie and it was full of pink love hearts and sparkly bling and cute ruffles! I haven’t really seen what her collection’s are lately as my fashion interests have moved elsewhere and tbh baby pink is hard to work on everyday looks but she had some great stuff!

I love my clutch and it’s one of my few bags that I really look after on a night out! Usually i’m throwing my bag every where and dropping it in puddles and alcohol and spilling my drinks all over it but not this one! It’s too special!


nice dust bag







Now this is the one thing I’m not too keen on with the bag and that’s the strap! The gold bits fine but the pink bit is too plastic like so I tend to just keep it hidden inside!


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