Zara Black Ruffle Heels

I used to work in ZARA which was really bad for my bank account as I just ended up spending more then I earnt! But it did make me realise how much great stuff ZARA sells and they have some proper hidden gems in every season- you’ve just got to have a great eye for it!

On my Hong Kong 2010 trip I always go shopping in ZARA there as it’s one of the few brands they’ve got over there that we have here in the UK too! So when I went on one of my daily trips I saw these amazing black heels that were on sale and I just had to have them! They were so ruffley and different I was certain they’d be pricey but surprisingly they were only $200 (about £15!) and that wasn’t even the best bit! THEY WERE IN MY SIZE BONUS!!

It’s so hard to get shoes in my size as they usually sell out pretty quickly especially in Hong Kong as everyone’s got small feet! So here are the bad boys:







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