Kandee shoes Limonade Booties



so I totally caved in and ordered them as I just couldn’t stop thinking about them and OH MY GOD i’m so happy there here!! There everything I dreamed off, I can’t believe there mine!!

ahh feel like a proud parent and can’t wait to go show them off although I will have to stop being my clutsy self and not fall down stairs and walk in spilt drinks! eee there just too nice! I spent about 50 minutes just looking at them and admiring my whole KANDEE box!

Yes they were a present from me to me but I just finished my exams today and deserved it for sure! plus there too nice! I literally can’t stop drooling over them!

So excited when I got home as I got the email that they would be delivered today and a lovely BIG KANDEE box was waiting for me by the stairs!


Woah was way too excited when opening the box!! I didn’t know if my shoes were just going to pop out or if they were just going to be loads of penny sweets falling out of it! eeee (I’ve already opened the box but still exciting just thinking about it!)


my first glimpse of KANDEE!! what a lovely surprise – a big yellow smiley face lolly to make me extra happy after finishing my exams!


wow my pre-goody goodies! Love the sweets and I think the gold wallet card with the pink lips on is AMAZING!! So happy with it all, Mr Kandee really does treat his customers well! Although the heels may be a bit pricey, boy do you get a lot of treats with it! Felt like it was Christmas/ my birthday!


Close-up of the wallet card/purse thing! LOVE IT!


Fit models & nice bow! It’s all so nicely packaged I don’t want to ruin it!


AHHHHH all tucked up!! Look at all that shiny-ness


Aren’t they ahhhmazing!!!






My entire KANDEE box! so sweet – such a sugar rush!!


They look great on my feet! Nice and high too PERFECTION!


Excuse the pale-ness of my legs but I wasn’t going to tan them just to take a picture!


Ah so much happier now I have them!!

Seriously ecstatic with my purchase and absolutely cannot wait to order my next pair!! I know they’ll be just as sweet and sparkly! AREN’T THEY AMAZING!!

Kandee girl forever now!


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