Spaghetti House Hong Kong

I love going back to HK for my holidays without a doubt the food there is the best! Everything tastes so much better there! Even the Mcdonalds & Pizza Hut is so much better – my filet o’fish tastes so fresh and soft out there unlike the crispy and hard ones that probably have been sat out for a few hours over here! 

Also Pizza Hut there is so much better! I wouldn’t dare go to Pizza Hut now in the UK especially when there are some many other pizza/pasta restaurants that are so much nicer but in HK the menu’s massive! They’ve got a bout 5 pages to begin with of drinks including loads of soda floats (soda with ice cream on top usually with loads of sweets at the bottom!) and then a huge selection of pizza and pastas and rice dishes! There menu is huge compared to the one page menu you get over here! Hard to believe there the same chain tbh!

Anyway the one place I really miss in the UK that HK has is SPAGHETTI HOUSE! Now I know they have spaghetti house in London and trust me it’s not the same! I’m not sure if they’re the same company but the one over here was nasty compared to the amazing one in HK! 

I last went back to HK in January for chinese new year and first night I had to get my Spaghetti House as I missed it so much! Although I don’t want to permanently live in HK I do miss the food all the time, although I bet i’d get really fat if I moved to HK with all the food so good and cheap!

I must’ve gone to spaghetti house about 8 times during my 18 days visit or so pretty much every other day! Obviously the specialise in pastas but as i’m so unadventurous all I ever eat is the spaghetti carbonara – i’ve even got my little brother hooked on them!

Ah 2nd best carbonara i’ve ever had (No.1 is still the restaurant in the casino in Barcelona!) and every time it tastes just as good as the last time I had it! 



So yummy!


my drink came in a cool jar cup!

If you ever go to HK defo stop at Spaghetti House… here’s the 9 best selling items:


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