Fire and Stone Pizza

Now i’m not a big pizza lover – I rarely order them in italian restaurants as I love my carbonara too much and I tend to go for burgers from takeaway pizza shop so when I found we were going to this FIRE & STONE PIZZA place with my friends I was a teenie bit concerned! I mean I can’t make all my friends change restaurants just to cater my fussiness but had a quick look at the menu online and saw… CARBONARA phew that was a close one so all good!


So the day came and we all went to the one in covent garden, London and man is it dark inside! I felt like they’d had a power cut I couldn’t even see my friends that were sat across the table especially as they’re one of the those restaurants that have really large wide tables so the person opposite you is basically really far away – maybe it’s too cater for all the pizzas? who knows! 

But eventually I got over that and order my carbonara clearly stating my usual no veg or garnish at all! I mean bless the waitress they were 10 of us all ordering different things and me being awkward and she wasn’t british but she came out with an absolute cracker when I asked for a Pimms (drink made with lemonade and pimms) …

(me) can I have a Pimms please?

(waitress) sorry we only have Coke

(me – with a huge look of confusion on my face) erm what????

(waitress) we’ve only got coke

(whole table looks bewildered)

(me) oh sorry I said Pimms not Pepsi!

(waitress) oh ok

I think she got what I meant I mean it is quite a popular drink but my drink did come a good 15 mins later than everyone else did so maybe she didn’t know what I was on about! – but what a Coke? you don’t make Pimms with Coke! So it wasn’t looking too good for my no veg meal!

Anyway yeah my dish came and it was all covered in garnish – the poor guy didn’t even have a chance to put it down for me to tell him it wasn’t right and I couldn’t eat it! But eventually it came back and was right, but hmm flavour wise it was a bit heavy and odd tasting not the usually carbonara flavour i’m used to! and after I ate it too even though I couldn’t finish it my tummy was starting to hurt and feel heavy! I’m guessing there pizzas are better but I wouldn’t know!

My correct carbonara:


My Pimms which my friend kindly took out all the green crap for me



Would I go back – doubtful, unless I suddenly wake up hating carbonaras and fall in love with pizzas!


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