SML Hong Kong

So my favourite place to go eat in HK that isn’t chinese food is Spaghetti House, however my sisters favourite place to go to SML (small/medium/large – clever huh!) and here’s the deal with the restaurant: everything on the menu comes in either small, medium or large portions! 

Actually it’s a pretty smart idea because sometimes portions are too big or too small but believe when they say small they mean SMALL and when they say large we’re talking, it could probably feed a family of 4 large!

First time I went a few years ago we’d stumbled across it by accident – me and my sister were in times square, hungry, saw a long escalator in the shopping mall, decided to go up and just kept on going up and came across loads of restaurants that we’d never heard/ seen before and one of them that was a non-chinese one was SML. Now as soon as I spotted a carbonara on the menu I was all for it so we went and inside it’s a bit weird!

The little foyer bit was a bit like a cafe but a shop front at the same time and then inside I felt like I was in somebodies house who had bought everything from IKEA! There were a lot large long tables so not very private if you there’s only two of you but luckily we’d managed to get a table for 2 nearer the kitchen so I didn’t have to listen to loads of lovey dovey couples (chinese couples are really gushy!) 

Then the menu was OK bit of food from everywhere i’d say – from burgers to pasta to chicken wings) so I thought i’d be different from once and stray from my carbonara and go for a cheese burger and chips – didn’t think much of it standard cheese burger I can eat those no problems!

Boy WHAT A MISTAKE! I should never stray away from my usually dish if I see carbonara I should order carbonara! As soon as my burger came I regretted it. Now there was nothing that wrong with it I mean I wasn’t sure what size to order and thought how small can they actually be? also I thought the portion was going to be more the portion of chips rather than the burger size! But then it came … It was the fricking size of my hand – i’ve got the hands of a 9 yr old child!  To top it off I got about 6 pieces of chips with it! 

Wow they really do mean small! But I thought OK It might be small but I can still eat it, took one bite and tasted and saw loads of chopped onions inside the patty – I thought I was going to  be sick! Now I know it’s not that uncommon to have onions inside the patty but I hate all vegetables bar sweetcorn and potatoes with a PASSION! Honestly I think I’ve got a phobia of vegetables in my mouth! I wanted to be sick immediately, I could feel the slippery-ness of them, I can taste the crunch and my tummy was starting to churn and my face was going green already! Yuck! Yeah it was small but even I couldn’t finish it – tbh I didn’t expect that kind of restaurant to make their own pattys! and thought oh I can just eat chips – well not when there’s only 6 of them(OK I might be exaggerating the number of chips but there weren’t many of them!)

Here’s my SMALL burger with SMALL chips on the side:


So it wasn’t a good lunch for me and on that trip to HK we didn’t go back again mainly because Times square is a bit far out from where we live in HK plus there’s so many other places we could chose from!

But I enjoyed my oreo milkshake I think – can’t really remember but at least there were no onions in that!


But moving on to this year when we went back to HK in January, my sister was determined to go back as she loves the idea – i’m not actually sure what she thinks about the food!

So we went back again and thought it’s ok I definitely won’t be getting the burger this time so maybe I can go back and order something else and get a larger portion too!

Got there, looked at the menu and score! They still have the Carbonara – that’s lunch for me sorted! Now my main decision was what size should I get – a small last time was tiny – but that was a burger, maybe a pasta dish wouldn’t be so small, but I’m really hungry what if a medium isn’t enough? I know i’ll go for a large!! 

I ordered my food and made it very clear I wanted absolutely no vegetables at all! NOTHING!! NO ONIONS, MUSHROOMS, GREENS, GARNISH NOTHING! so I’m pretty sure he got my order right but no what comes in my bath tub sized food – diced mushrooms 😦 I was gutted that’s another dish they’ve ruined for me!!

So now not only did I face a mammoth sized portion to eat, but mushrooms would be popping up in every mouthful! – Clearly the language barrier had added mushrooms in my dish!

Here’s a LARGE carbonara – I probably could’ve had a wash in it, it was so big!


Now will I go back to SML? only time will tell! Most likely so because of my sister because it’s definitely not the food I like! I think if I go back i’ll go for a medium size portion of chips! Hopefully I can’t go wrong there!!

But have a look for yourself .. maybe i’m just too fussy!


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