Blackhouse Leeds

A while ago my sister told me about Blackhouse as she’d had a friend who told her how great the sunday roasts were there and we were looking for a decent place to get a proper roast! When I wast at uni in Kent me and my friends used to always go to the Victoria hotel for the carvery and it was great there! Proper carvery where you get to chose your meat and eat as much as you like but in Leeds there isn’t really a place like that – well if there is we’ve have yet to discover it!

So we decided to give Blackhouse a try and there roast menu is for 2 people with either beef, chicken or pork?? I think! But me and my sister like beef which just happens to be the most pricey one (£36!) but at least it comes with all the trimmings – yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, veg – but I have no interest in those! and gravy!! yum!

Now i’m a person who loves my gravy, you can never have too much and I generally like my roasts swimming in it and I have to admit their gravy portions are teenie! You can order more and it’s usually free as we only got charged once for it, but if there busy you might be waiting a while for it!

Ages ago the restaurant used to be est est est (some italian that wasn’t all that) but then they charged over whilst I was at uni so I hadn’t been inside for a while and the decor is quite nice actually. There’s a lot of blacks (they are called BLACKhouse after all!) and wooden style furniture so it’s got quite a modern look to it and every now and then if you’re lucky enough the piano man will be there and sing live which is nice to listen to while you eat!

Personally I think it is a bit pricey I mean £36 might not be too bad when there’s 2 of you but when I went yesterday and my sister ordered a single portion it was £18 (yeah half the normal price but still!) so £18 for a single portion is EXPENSIVE! The carvery at uni was £8 and that was all you can eat!!!

Anyway they bring out the entire roast on a wooden board which is quite cool and I guess you pick between the two of you what you want to eat, but the problem with this is that you can only fit so much on your plate so whatever is for round 2 of eating is probably cold by the time you get round to eating it!

It is quite tasty but it’s nothing spectacular – I wouldn’t call it the best roast dinner i’ve ever had! Image

This is with the beef medium-rare.

When I got it a second time I got it well-done and that was just too tough to eat! Actually I would’ve really liked lamb with it but they did offer that and I don’t really like eating chicken with a roast as I always eat chicken in other dishes!

The yorkshire puddings are a good size but sometimes you can end up with burnt ones plus like I said it gets too cold too easily! They should put on a warming tray rather than just a stand!Image

Me and my sister went to again yesterday and I just wasn’t up for the roast dinner so I decided I’d see what else they had on the menu (I knew they didn’t have carbonaras and I wasn’t going to risk onions in a burger!) so I decided to go for some garlic rub bread and some fried calamari from the starters!

Now I got the garlic bread once before when I went with my bf and it came in small bread pieces with garlic butter and sea salt on and it was very tasty so I was a bit surprised when I got it a second time and it was like large pieces of fried ciabatta bread with a clove of garlic on the side and a little tub of olive oil (i’m guessing that’s what it was!) 

Hmm confusion! What am I to do here – make it myself?? but then my sister said I was meant to rub the clove in the bread and eat it like that which was different! Now I don’t cook so I don’t really know if you’re meant to peel the outer bit of the garlic off and is that part of it?? I didn’t know but it ended up pretty messy and way too garlicky as well! But I still ate it and it was OK, I only left bits of the 2nd bread because it was burnt.

My calamari was nice the batter outside was a bit too soft though and it kept crumbling but yeah it was all good so I enjoyed that part of my meal! 


Got an ice cream for desert – vanilla = nice!, pistachio (which i’ve never had before) = made me feel ill


So I won’t be getting the pistachio ice cream again! urgh when I got home I had to eat some Haagen Daz Cookies’n’ Cream to counter the taste that had been left in my mouth!


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