Red Chilli Leeds

Tonight just went to Red Chilli with my colleague for dinner as we both love it there! Now you may have guessed from the name that they specialise in spicy Chinese food and obviously I don’t eat spicy food (I don’t really like anything with too much flavour!) So it’s taken me quite a few trips there to decide what I do actually like eating there!

In my opinion the best dish they have is the half Beijing Duck (with the pancakes!) now don’t do what I did one time and just order a quarter duck because that’s a completely different type of duck! The Beijing duck is really crispy, soft and just amazing! (bit oily but still yum!) and the coolest thing is that there’s a special duck chef who comes out and slices the duck for you! Now the ducks only available after 6pm and not on Saturdays’ but it’s definitely worth ordering!

Here he is, slicing away…


I also really enjoy the noodle dish with pork and green beans but without the green beans! There not spicy and quite pork flavoured if that makes sense? But still yummy, I think it’s because I enjoy that type of noodle!

Here it is with..


and without the green beans – I have to admit if you order it without the green beans it does taste slightly different, a bit more watery I think but since I’m never going to eat those green beans I might as well just save them the trouble of cooking them!


My next favourite dish in fact I think I prefer this one over the noodles but not over the duck is the salt and pepper/salt and garlic (they do both types) of soft shell baby crab!

I love my seafood like lobsters, crab, squid – I haven’t tried the more slimy stuff like oysters or mussels as they look a bit too icky! so anyway I really love the crab they’ve got as it’s a crispy batter with salt seasoning on and yeah I don’t eat the peppers but it’s so delicious!



There portions can be quite large so you’ve got to go on an empty stomach – If I know I’m going I will try not to eat all day as I get stuffed quite quickly there!

I do really like going to Red Chilli for the food – atmosphere wise when it’s busy it’s good but as it’s in a basement it’s a bit too dark for my liking (dim lights with green lights glowing!) and you can tell they’ve spent a lot of money on decorating the place out which is nice! Only thing I dislike is that there have been a few occasions where there’s just been loads of flys! Now if I’m sat outside I might expect the odd fly to come buzzing by but in a basement? How did it even get down there!!

Luckily no flys tonight!

Now my sister enjoys that sizzling fillet steak which smells really really good but I don’t like steaks much so have never tried it!

With a black bean sauce:



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