Busaba Eathai

Over the weekend met up with my bf in London and we went to a thai restaurant Busaba Eathai in Old Street. Now usually I don’t eat thai dishes as they’re usually quite spicy but I went a few years ago for my friends birthday and managed to get a plain noodle dish with some chicken in it and it was so tasty (even though it was plain!)

So as it was a few years ago I couldn’t remember what it was called especially as the name was so complicated but then on the tube saw them advertise it as I was down the escalators and I had to go again to see if it was as good as I remembered!


Now this is what I originally ate 


I know it looks completely plain! But it was so nice and just what I wanted! Now I don’t remember the name of the dish or what I even ordered on it but I re-looked at the menu and saw something that sounded like it and I thought mmm that must be the one, I mean out of all the dishes there I must’ve picked that one!

So was starving all day and decided I couldn’t wait until dinner to eat noodles so we went to Bella Italia just off Oxford St. which I have to say probably has the worst service out of all the bella’s I’ve been too! Now I won’t go into it in too much detail as I don’t want to bash my favourite italian, but they seemed either short-staffed, too busy (even though the restaurant was only small) or poorly trained/managed. So I have to say eating about 2 hours before going to dinner was probably a mistake! 

By the time we got to Busaba I thought I was hungry but turns out I was stuffed! The decor inside is quite cool lots of candles, dim lighting and large square tables that you sit on with our customers! I find sharing tables with other customers a little bit odd as there’s not much privacy and since you sit on a bench,Ii’m sat next to someone I don’t know plus I have to look at and smell all their food! I suppose it let’s you see what other dishes are on the main but it’s all a bit too cafeteria style for me, I much prefer private tables!


Anyway I ordered the Pad Gai which is Sen Yai noodles (I have no idea what they were but when it came it looked a bit like Hor Fun noodles!), chicken, egg and oak leaf except due my fear of vegetables I asked for no leaves!! 


Also when it came I realised I probably did order the wrong one but that wasn’t a bad thing as I really enjoyed this dish too, it’s just a shame I was too full to finish it properly!

My boyfriends dinner.. unfortunately I wasn’t paying any attention to what he ordered so this is anyone’s guess!


So moral of the story even though I ordered the wrong thing I still enjoyed what my ‘wrong’ order! Maybe I should try new dishes more often – having said that this is only my 3rd or 4th time I’ve ever had Thai food! And it’s not too pricey too! BONUS!

Highly recommend going here, not only was our waiter was very friendly but there was a lovely gentlemen who opened the doors for everyone and gave us a warm welcome! How lovely!


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