Trio (Arc Inspirations) – Headingley, Leeds

Got back from my weekend in London and my sister wanted to go eat, so we decided to go to Trio‘s which is in the Headingley area of Leeds and have to admit the main reason we went was because my sister works for one their sister restaurant in Harrogate so we get 50% off!

I’ve yet to go to her restaurant and this was the first time either of us have been to Trio’s and comparing it to where she works the menu is completely different. It seems that each restaurant the Arc Inspirations group have, have got there own look, menu and style. 

Now she told me at hers’ they have a carbonara on the menu but this one didn’t have which upsetting but luckily they said they’d do one for me anyway which was very kind of them! Only problem was that it came mixed in with garnish – which I specifically said I didn’t want! 

The actual place is quite nicely decorated definitely got a more day-time feel to it then a night restaurant and I also felt a bit like I was at an airport restaurant with the large glass windows and chairs they had! Also it’s quite a large place with at least 3 different floors so I’m guessing it does get busy in there.

Menu – clipboard style


So I already knew I’d be getting the Carbonara, but felt like having a starter so decided to get the calamari!

It wasn’t the best calamari I’ve had and they were quite large pieces with the batter being way too wet and soft and pretty much falling off the calamari before I could put my fork in it! The lemon mayo it came with wasn’t great either as it was a bit sour but that’s probably cos I’m not a big fan of lemons!


Now it took a while for the mains to come after the starter especially as my sister didn’t have any starters so she has to wait for me to finish mine before she could get her salad! and was disappointed when my pasta came as garnish EVERYWHERE and not just on top but mixed in so basically I couldn’t pick it out! So they had to do me a new one!


After all the wait and them changing my order I was really hoping it’d be nice but it really was quite the opposite! It was far too salty maybe from the bacon, but way too salty for my liking! You couldn’t even taste the cream and I couldn’t enjoy it because of that! I didn’t manage to even finish half as there were a lot of black peppers too! Such a shame as I always like all my carbonaras! I’ll stick by my theory that if my order comes with garnish/veg mixed in and it has to be changed, it puts me off!

One plus though were the side portion of house fries we got! 


Now I won’t go back to Trio’s unless I was forced too but I wouldn’t mind going to other Arc Inspirations restaurants/bars as they’re all different! 

Worth a look anyway…


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