Kandee Shoes Lemonade Heels



OMG everytime the big KANDEE box comes I get so excited and so happy! Honestly it’s like Christmas in a box! I was going to wait a bit longer to buy my second pair of Kandee’s but as soon as the word FLASH SALE popped up, they got me! 



Mr Kandee ❤ me!


My Kandee Treats!


Now I got them sent to my work so I wouldn’t miss the parcel at home,but my nosey colleague made me open them there and then right in front of her, when really I wanted to open them when I got home …(groan), so I had to quickly open them and show her so I couldn’t fully appreciate their beauty until I was by myself!

WARNING – Small rant…

I don’t tend to analyse my shoes (which is what my colleague was doing ‘there too high for me, they don’t look comfortable’ etc), I buy shoes because there HOT and look great on my feet – forget comfort, when it comes to heels you’re feet have to suffer a bit to look that good! and I don’t buy heels because there comfy and practical so I don’t really like being told that my heels are too high – I buy them for me not for anyone else! 

I mean honestly don’t ask me to open them for you, to then complain they’re too high for you! I didn’t buy them for you, they’re for me!!!

Sorry rant of the day over!

Anyway they are so amazing, there unreal! I honestly cannot decide which of my 2 pairs of Kandees I like better! They’re both too good to be true! 

Both so sparkly and shiny and yeah there a very similar design and some people (mainly my bf) have asked why do I need 2 pairs that are so similar, but people who aren’t addicted to shoes just don’t understand I guess! I mean I have to wear them with different outfits and there different styles! .. durr that’s why I need 2 pairs!

Here they are together… my non-identical twins!



Quite a collection I’m growing now!

Here are my new bootiful Lemonade Heels .. perfect birthday shoes!!



Detailed sparkliness!



Check out the glittery soles! Makes me want to cherish them even more!


They even sparkle in the dark!!


These are some serious show-stoppers…cannot wait to go show them off!


My Lemon babies…



Stunning heels … literally to die for


Honestly Kandee shoes, i’m such a FAN, in fact probably an obsessed fan! I’ve got a complete sweet tooth now and im addicted to KANDEE! If you haven’t done so already, get yourselves over to http://www.kandeeshoes.com/ and drool to your hearts content! 

I’ve heard through the grapevine i.e. twitter, that Mr Kandee is going to bring out a handbag collection *screams like a little girl* and I’m super excited for this as I need some new arm candy! I really hope he gives a preview soon as I’m dying to see what he’s got up his sleeves! 

Ah happy dreams tonight……


Sex on Heels 


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