Pizza Express

Met up with my friend today and we always go Nandos but decided today that we’d go for a bit of a change and went to Pizza Express instead! Now i’m not a big pizza lover as I adore my Carbonara’s, but managed to get a pizza that i’d like.

One thing that’s like a pet hate of mine in restaurants is when waiters don’t write down what you order! I mean come on if there’s a table of 8 are really just going to go up and ask everyone what they what and remember it all! WRITE IT DOWN! Especially someone like me who is always so awkward when it comes to ordering! I don’t get the whole memorising it! I don’t know if it was just the waiter we had or if that’s what they do in Pizza Express, but I cannot stand it! and yeah.. he missed our starter! See that’s what you get for not writing it down!!

Ordered a Margarita pizza but added on some egg (I know a bit odd but I like my egg!) and some chicken and yep it was ok. I don’t eat crust especially as it was a bit burnt and too crispy for my liking! But the pizza was quite nice, bit heavy maybe because I’m not used to eating a whole pizza and I couldn’t finish it either but I’d order the same one if I went again!

Quite tomato-y too which I wasn’t a fan of, think I would’ve preferred a bbq sauce but hey-ho can’t win them all can you!


Our missed dough-balls for starter that they forgot so they gave it to us on the house which was nice and tbh when they came I was glad we didn’t have to pay for them!


Erm not very doughball shaped and thought the butter might have had a bit more flavour to it but no it’s literally a slab of butter!

My friends salad – now as I don’t eat salads I’m not sure what was in this and I didn’t try it either – I’d like to say it looked nice, but I’d be lying…


Now for desert I quite fancied the Vanilla ice cream with toffee sundae and my friend fancied the banoffee one and the nice waiter said he’d do one for us that mixed them both together rather than us having large ones each and when it came I was glad we’d shared one as they really are quite large!




I enjoyed the desert, pizza was alright I guess, nothing spectacular and starter i’d give a miss! overall ….meh!


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