Aqua Couture Christy Dress

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! I saw it in their look book again in a cream colour and was like WOW where has this dress been all my life! And luckily I saw it a few days later in the sale for only £21! What a bargain! 

Aqua honestly have the best sales ever, yeah some of their stuff is quite pricey especially when they’ve just come in stock, but the quality is superb and the styles are so unique I’m willing to pay more to not look like everyone else!

So this dress I debated whether I should get a 6 or 8 and whether I should get it in cream or black and decided I’d go for a 6 in a black as it’s a bit more slimming and luckily it fits great and it’s not even such a squeeze to get in to either!  The material on the bottom half is quite stretchy and not their usual harder material. The top half is a bit odd as it’s like a chiffon type material but when it’s on you it loses a bit of shape and does make me boobs look slightly odd!


I’m thinking this might be one of my birthday dresses for this year – not that I’m having 2 birthdays! Just 2 nights of going out!


See what I mean with the top half, it’s a bit scrunchy!



Here it is on the models:


I was really tempted to get it in cream too but thought it might be a bit too much to have the same dress in 2 different colours! But if it ever comes back on their website or I see it in a sample sale I’ll probably go for it!



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