Aqua Couture Paracoon Dress

I really love puffy sleeves and really liked the one puffy sleeve dress (Paracoon Dress) from Aqua, so I went into the store to buy it and tried on an 8. OMG it was so tight it didn’t fit me at all! So had to get the size 10  which on the bottom half just fit, but top half was a big, but as it’s got a sleeve it’s not too bad!

As usual I liked it in cream, but ended up getting it in black for some bizarre reason! But I think the blacks nice and I have more shoes that go with it!

The material is the more stiffer material they use – not the stretchy type but as it’s a bigger size it’s not too tight bad on me! Also the arm with the one puffy sleeve is a bit heavy but that’s the centre piece of the dress! 


I’ve worn it to dinner and put a belt round it so it doesn’t look too black and scrunched up round the tummy area! 


It’s a bit like a big fallen fan as a sleeve…




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