Aqua Couture Pony Dress

So I was bored today, now that my exams are over I don’t have much to do on Saturdays now and since I have work later, I didn’t really have enough time to go anywhere, so I decided to watch Die Hard and try on a few of my older AQUA dresses to make sure they still fit me!

Now this Pony dress, I bought about 2 years ago – can’t remember exactly, but I’ve had it a while and yet I’ve still never worn it out! I originally liked it when I saw it in their look book and managed to get it in the sale not long after, but when I tried it on it was quite an awkward dress to wear!

It’s a bit like wearing an apron over a dress as there’s so many layers to it and I don’t know if I’m just not tall enough but some of the flaps?? (I’m not really sure what to call the drapey material bits that are like sleeves, but not!) are very loose and fall down a lot on me – who knows, I mean that might be the look!

So I’ve had it kept in my suitcase for a while and only recently when I decided to sell a few things on ebay did I try it on and I decided despite never wearing it out, I do actually really like it! It’s got a unique look to and I actually like the flappy sleeve things falling down!


Here are the ‘flaps’…


Flaps falling down…a good look?


Now the bum flaps as I call them are a bit like a tail! Reminds me a bit of like a peacock but loads of AQUA dresses are so structured I suppose it does give the dress shape and it’s unique look!


ASOS also sell AQUA stuff. TBH I personally don’t like the model ASOS uses to model AQUA dresses as I don’t think she makes the dresses look as nice as they can look, now I’m not saying I’m a model, but I think each model has their own look and hers for me doesn’t suit the AQUA look either that or the scraped back hair look isn’t good!



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