Aqua Couture Rolf Dress

I think this is actually my favourite dress I’ve bought from Aqua! I really love how Christmassy the dress is! When I first bought it, I got it in black and I felt like there was a massive bow by one of my shoulders and and the sequin sparkly sleeve.

The material on my black one is a lovely stretchy material, but not too stiff so I really like my black on! I’ve worn it loads of times and still think it’s one of my safe dresses! I feel like I could wear it for almost any occasion bar a black tie event! 

Me wearing my black rolf dress for my friends birthday(with my Tarina Tarantino bag)..


I think it looks fab in this photoshoot Aqua did..


So I decided recently that I’d get it in the white/cream colour since AQUA reintroduced it and it was in the sale! I bought in the same size assuming it would pretty much bet the same and have to say I was a teensie bit disappointed. 

The bow area wasn’t quite the same and the material of the dress was different too! The material on the cream dress is a harder thinner material than the soft stretchy one my black one has! Even so I still love it, but don’t think it’ll replace my LBD!




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