Harrods Hello Kitty Apron

Was browsing on the Harrods website a few weeks ago and saw the cutest Hello Kitty apron! Now I really love Hello Kitty – I love having lots of Hello Kitty stuff like a big pink suitcase, scissors, paperclips, computer mouse and keyboard the list goes on….

One of my dream places to go to is the Sanrio land in Japan or as I call it HELLO KITTY LAND! I also want to go to one of those Hello Kitty cafes too – my cousin went in Taiwan and it looked amazing, I’d love a hello kitty shaped burger!

So went down to London and visited the good old Harrods and went to the gift section where they’ve got a special corner just for all the Harrods Hello Kitty exclusive stuff and I can’t deny it I wanted to buy everything!

But stuck to my strict budget (my birthdays coming up and I’m off to the Harry Potter studio tour soon, so I’m saving big time!) and only got the apron which retails for £14.95, but it was a special 10% off weekend sale they were doing so only paid about £13 – not much of a save but hey ho!

This is the picture on the website – how cute!!


I really liked the skirt version of the apron and was really tempted to buy it but it was a few £’s more expensive and I thought I’m short anyway, and the skirt apron would defeat the point of a proper apron!


So here is mine and I love it!


It’s a cotton material so once I get my baking dirt all over me, I’ll have to stick it in the wash!


Love the design!


Hello Kitty <3’s Harrods


Back of the apron..


My Hello Kitty scissors to cut the tags off..


Now to get baking using that giant cupcake mould by bf got me last christmas ….


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