Anthony’s Patisserie

I’ve walked past Anthony’s so many times in the Victoria Quarter Leeds and I always see so many people eating cakes and pastries so thought I’d go and give it a try when my bf came to Leeds last weekend. Now the one in the Victoria Quarter is quite a small one and they actually bake the majority of the cakes etc. in the Corn Exchange and bring them over! 

So that was a bit of a mistake as we went near the end of the day where most things had sold out! I wanted to try the injection cupcakes, but sadly most of them were all gone and they only had the minging flavours left!

I ended up ordering the chocolate and cream crepe, but I’m not a cream fan so just had the chocolate!


The crepes were a little bit small but still nice! I liked the melted chocolate but would’ve preferred it to be a sweeter!

My boyfriend had the real hot chocolate drink with cinnamon..


Apparently you couldn’t taste the cinnamon though!

A chocolate eclair pumped full of cream..


After just coming from the gym this looked a bit too fattening for me!

And a chocolate brownie..


Anthony’s was OK and i’d probably go again, but more likely go to the Corn Exchange one where they seemed to actually have the stuff on the menu available!

Here’s the online menu…


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