Townhall Tavern Leeds

For lunch today me and my sister went to a gastro pub in the Leeds City Centre called Townhall Tavern. And tbh I’ve driven past it loads, but I’ve never really noticed it, but it’s nicely decorated inside – reminds me of a nicer Wetherspoons! 

It was a bit confusing as we weren’t sure if it was a waitress service or you had to go up to the bar and order yourself, but turns out it’s both! The waitress was very friendly though and although she seemed a bit ditsy (she asked us if we were ready to order just after we’d ordered and she brought us cutlery after someone else had brought us cutlery!) she was nice! 

As it was lunch time it was quite busy when we arrived, but it got quieter after a lot of businessmen went back to work and service was relatively quick. The prices are more restaurant prices rather than pub prices, but I suppose that’s because it’s a gastro pub! 

I was tempted to get the burger as their description on the menu made it sound really nice, but it said the patty was home made which made me think that there was probably going to be onions in the beef and therefore I wouldn’t be able to eat it, so I went for scampi and chips instead! 


I really enjoyed it- the chips were really nice and fat and crispy at the same time, I didn’t eat the peas at all and gave them to my sister who said they were really nice and she liked the fact that they were mushed up but not quite mushy peas!

The scampi, although not many pieces, were very tasty and fresh plus the batter was thin and crispy! Delish! The tartare sauce was good too! I liked how it was served in a frying basket although wasn’t sure if the chopping board was meant to be a plate too! 



My sister ordered the sausage and chips and the sausage was pretty big – even though she got gravy with her order (and I love gravy!) I much preferred my lunch!


The sausage was under the onion rings!

It was really nice there defo worth a visit if you’re after proper good English pub food and according to my sister it’s on the top 10 best places to eat in Leeds!

Here’s their website…


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