Kurt Geiger Imogene Heels

Got these bad boys in the Kurt Geiger sale over a year ago and when I saw them on the website I fell in love with them! They were glittery and tall with bows and gems on them, just what I wanted! 

They look a bit more grey on the website, but they are fully black with black glitter and bows! Image

Aren’t they lovely? …


They were a tiny bit big for me near the toe area maybe my toes aren’t long enough, but nevertheless they were still quite comfy! Managed to party all night them with only a few toes getting a bit sore – not bad for a first wear!


I find that they are more of a Christmassy pair of heels rather than regular heels as they’ve got such a glittery heel and platform plus the bows give it that extra something to make my feet look pretty! 




Pretty strappy sandals…


Kurt Geiger shoes are always a great investment, especially when they’ve got a sale on! Take advantage quick…http://www.kurtgeiger.com/women/shoes.html


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