Kandee Shoes Superfan

21st July 2012 – Mr Kandee held the first birthday party on Twitter!

Yesterday was the amazing day that Mr Kandee and Kandee Shoes offered 9 lucky people the chance to become a Kandee SUPERFAN and win exclusive goodies worth up to £500!


So I as much as I really wanted to win, I was more curious as to see what Kandee shoes actually had planned for Mr Kandee’s special day! So I set my alarm, which I didn’t really need as I didn’t sleep well that night and 8am I was ready to party!!

For the next 9 hours Mr Kandee would chose 1 winner every hour who would become a superfan and as soon as it kicked off Kandee was trending everywhere!

So I tried my luck anyway and entered each hour as many times as twitter would allow (I set up a new twitter account but some rascal had already taken @rainbowgloss the name I wanted so had to go for @rainbowglossy !!!

– hour 1 – wasn’t meant to be

– hour 2 – sigh still not me

– hour 3 – nada, how do people win these things ?!?

– hour 4 – ‘@rainbowglossy YOU’RE A @KANDEESHOES SUPER FAN!’

WHAT?! Did my eyes deceive me?! I actually won?! HOLD THE PHONE!! OMG I had actually won and become a Kandee Superfan!!!!

I had to check it several times, but NO it was me! I got picked and tbh I couldn’t believe it as not only do I never win anything, but there were so many people who entered all with great tweets and entries, how did little old me get picked?!

To become the 4th Kandee superfan instead of re-tweeting something we were asked to create a lovely birthday card for Mr Kandee’s birthday and I thought ohh I’m not going to win this won as not only can I not draw, I’m not a very creative person either and took me about 40 mins to remotely think of something good!

I looked through what other people had done already and thought hmmmmm I can’t draw and some people are so good at drawing his shoes, I thought I’d just write a message on the tons of Kandee cards I’d received with previous orders and to jazz the picture up a bit I’ll stick one of my Lemonade Heels along side the card!

Here’s what I managed to come up with..

ahem that union jack ‘flag’ is actually one of my pillows from Jack Wills! 

So entered my picture in as many times as I could and actually about 4 minutes before the end I had done it and by it I mean reached my twitter limit for the first time! It’s a bit ridiculous that twitter actually has a limit of how many tweets you can send, I mean you don’t see facebook having a limit on how many walls you can write on!

So that was it I couldn’t send any more tweets in, but I guess it paid off as I won!!!! I’m ecstatic that I got chosen and superfan definitely does describe me and my love for Kandee!

I did think it wasn’t real for a while, but when I received a direct message off Kandee asking for my address and shoe size, it had to be true!! On replying to some tweets, I wondered why I couldn’t send any more and thought it was because I had reached the twitter limit, but no it turns out my twitter account had actually been suspended!! Twice as well!!!

Apparently because I tweeted so much to @Kandeeshoes and @MrKandee, I was being ‘abusive’ lol

But here’s to Mr Kandee’s 23rd birthday -what a day it must’ve been for him and I’m so glad I got the chance to be apart of it! I cannot wait to receive my Kandee goody bag and will share all my goodies on here for all to see!

Plus it’s actually my 24th birthday on the 27th July so this is a great early birthday present for me!

Rainbow sparkles in the sun!

Well done to my fellow Kandee superfan’s and commiserations to those who didn’t win, I know the feeling well, but don’t worry it’ll be your turn one day!!

Follow my new twitter account @RainbowGlossy   xx


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