Lola’s Showgirl Cupcake

It was my 24th birthday on Friday (27th July)!!

I got woken up to see this amazing Lola’s showgirl giant cupcake cake that my boyfriend gave me! I’d wanted one for ages but obviously only get one birthday a year and last year I went to Disneyland so would’ve been pretty tricky to carry it all the way!

So I was ecstatic to have finally gotten one and in vanilla too! YUMMY!


It’s so big!


There were 7 of us for dinner and we could only manage about half it


MMM vanilla flavour! However as amazing as it looks its pretty difficult to cut and put into slices! You’d need a good 20 people I reckon for everyone to get a ‘normal’ size or atleast 15 people for a large slice!

The actual sponge was really good though! Lola’s do have great quality cupcakes and one of my favourite ones to get is the oreo cookie one as I LOVE that the icing is made from oreo cookies as well!

This was one of their mini cupcakes which are literally one bite size! Still extremely tasty though!

A full size Oreo cupcake with a chocolate cupcake! .. they do indeed taste as good as they look! Highly recommend Lola’s as it’s so yummy and every single one is perfect in taste and decoration!

…except for these ones I dropped….



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