OXO Tower Harvey Nichols Restaurant London

For my birthday dinner, my boyfriend took me to the OXO Tower Restaurant which is actually a Harvey Nichols restaurant which I was a bit confused about as I didn’t know they just did restaurants (usually it’s on the top floor of one of their department stores!) and it has a great view over London and with the Olympic opening ceremony on that night I thought we’d get some good fireworks view!


Wearing my AQUABYAQUA Floyd dress and my Kandee Lemonade Heels ..plus ahem Primark clutch bag!

The restaurant was lovely inside I felt a bit like I was on a garden roof terrace having a garden party as there was a lot of bunting going on and I loved the service and staff! Everyone was so nice and they recommended some great dishes. I was a bit nervous about whether I’d like the food or not as when you read the description on the menu, it all sounds so complicated and fancy and I’m extremely fussy, but nope the food was AMAZING!


The restaurant had a lot of blue lighting which made everything look well ..blue!

For drinks I got a Sipsmith summer fruit cup which is basically a Pimms with gin.. and I do love my Pimms!



Now the starter I was really excited about as it sounded so good on the menu plus I’d be starving myself all day for this dinner was hungry too! I ordered the Devon Crab with Sweetcorn ice cream, Crab sauce and Corn bread. I have to admit one of the main reasons I chose this starter was because not only do I love crab (I love seafood except mussels and oysters and prawns!) but it was one of the few starters that seemed to not have vegetables! Winner!

The portion was a bit small…


… but it was delicious! I loved every single bite, the ice cream worked really well with the flakes of crab and I did think sweetcorn ice cream was a bit odd, but it was more like a sweetcorn sauce/paste. The corn bread also went perfectly alongside it all. I was really tempted to order a 2nd portion, but I resisted! I’d definitely go back just to eat this alone.. yes it was a bit pricey, but wow it was good!


My boyfriend ordered the Smoked Duck salad for starter (and for main as well!) and it came with some popcorn which was weird! Never know popcorn to go well with duck, but he said it was really nice!

I also ordered a classic Cosmopolitan to drink and it was so pink (and very strong), I loved it!


Our mains came and I had ordered the Sea bass with Razor clams, Champagne sauce and herb risotto (which I switched for potatoes instead as I don’t like risotto!)


Presented lovely and so tasty! The fish was cooked perfectly, the outside was nice and crispy and the flavour was great – not too full on which is what I like! The champagne sauce was nice and frothy and really complimented the fish! When it arrived, I’d actually forgotten about the clams which were hidden underneath the spring onions which is probably why I didn’t noticed them at first, but gave the clams a try and despite being small, they were really good – a bit like squid texture!

Was glad I got potatoes too as they really filled me up with the fish..


Again my boyfriend ordered another Duck dish! This was the Duck breast with confit leg lasagne and some artichokes. 


I tried some of the duck and it was really nice, but for me personally it was a bit tough as my boyfriend ordered it well done, I think a medium would’ve suited me more!

For dessert my boyfriend had a espresso martini…


Yum – for desert now this was a bit of a hard choice, but in the end we went for the Blueberry Souffle with buttermilk and lemon ice cream and some mini muffins. This was really good and there was a bit of a show with it as well! When it arrived at our table, our waiter scooped up the ice cream and slowly placed it on top of the souffle and allowed it to melt into it, WOWEE it looked good! He then poured blueberry sauce all over it and we just watched the whole thing melt together…


Mmm it was amazingly soft, warm and cooked just right – you definitely need at least 2 people to finish it though as that pot it’s in is quite deep!



Now this part was a real SURPRISE!

My boyfriend (he told me all this before the surprise actually hadn’t so ruined it a bit!) had called up earlier to tell them it was my birthday and asked whether they could maybe do something for it and tbh I was a bit suspicious as when they took the desert order, all the waiters gathered round the computer looking a bit confused and pointing at our table so I knew something had to be up! After a while the waiter came along and brought me this ….


Obviously I wanted to get a picture with it, so I was a bit surprised when the waiter asked if he could get a picture of me and my boyfriend on his camera! I assumed it was for maybe a website or facebook page something along those lines, but no this is what it was actually for..



Amazing! I loved every single bit of going to the OXO tower for dinner! Yes it’s a bit expensive so you probably wouldn’t go every night, but for a special occasion it’s great! The food is spectacular, atmospheres great and the service – fantastic! Highly recommend this place and I would most definitely LOVE to go again!


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