Primark Pink Shoulder Handbag & White Clutch

Did a teenie bit of shopping today. Hadn’t actually bought much but thought I’d go have a gander in Primark (Primarni as I prefer to call it!) even though I usually detest going in there mainly because of the amount of crowds, crappy quality of well nearly everything and disorganisation and messiness of the whole shop! Plus more clothes are on the floor than on the hangers, but it was near closing time and was quiet so went to go look at some handbags and some jewellery!

I don’t bother looking at the clothes unless it’s for fancy dress as the quality is just not for me, plus there’s so much to get through I don’t have the patience to battle other women for it!

But saw a lovely white clutch bag and let’s face it you can never have enough clutches! It was £6.. couldn’t decide if that was steep or not, but if it was £4 I most likely would’ve gotten the black colour too…


It has an ugly gold chain that can be used if you want to wear it over the shoulders, but like all my other Primark bags that have this, I tend to keep it hidden away inside!

The next bag I got was this super cute pink bow handbag! I love the shape and the size of it and the fact it’s dusty pink is even better! Hopefully despite it being Primark quality, I can look after this bag well and it won’t break!


It also came in a dark mint colour which I wasn’t keen on and I think they had it in black too which I may get, if I find the bag useful! But for £8 not bad! Not bad indeed..


More realistic photo showing the colour..


Very cute summery bag.. it’s a shame England hasn’t had summer yet….


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