Primark Diamante Pumps – Nude & Black

So I absolutely LOVE KANDEE shoes and I really really loved the Lemonade pumps they had ..


However sadly I had ordered a different set of pumps (Peanut Butter crunchy pumps) on sale and they didn’t fit me so I knew the Lemonade would not fit me either *sad face*

But I was determined to get this type of pump somewhere else and luckily I saw a very similar one in ZARA however I didn’t realise they were on sale, so I didn’t buy them when I saw them as I didn’t have much money at the time (I really regret this!) 

So my search continued and just as I was browsing in Primark to buy some cheap plimsolls, I walked past these nude bad boys! However they were all size 6’s which I am not! So I settled for the black version of the pumps and decided I’d have to revisit Primark to try and get them in my size!

Eventually after about 7 different trips to 3 different Primarks I finally got them in my size! OH HAPPY DAYS!


I think the black are nice for work, but the nude ones I prefer a lot more (not much of a fan of black shoes unless theres a 6inch heel underneath!)



Obviously as it’s Primark the quality is not as good as Kandee, but nevertheless they’ll do…for now!

One thing I don’t like is that there not encrusted all the way around the pump – something I didn’t discover until after I bought them!


Maybe I’ll buy some more diamantes and stick them on myself…


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