Rabito Iphone Case

I was browsing on http://www.spoiledbrat.co.uk/ and saw the cutest iphone case! It’s by Rabito and the jist is that the case is in the shape of a rabbit! It’s got long ears and a big fluffy tail on the back of it..so cute!


The best thing about the tail is that it’s actually got several uses..

1. It’s a perfect to stand the phone up

2. Earphones can be wrapped around it

3. It can be used as a screen wipe

4. It’s detachable and adjustable (it’s got a sucky pad at the back) 

I absolutely LOVE it..


I think it’s made out of silicon so it’s soft too but will still protect my phone! Plus the ears are a little bit bendy which I like playing with…


I chose the baby pink colour but I was debating between this and fuchsia colour which I also really liked, but I think the baby pink is much cuter! 

There are loads available on e-bay but I’m not sure if they’re real as they’re so cheap on there so I would go with a genuine supplier for the real deal! Yeah it’s £30 which is a bit pricey, but this case will definitely last throughout my iphone’s life.



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