The Pretty Dress Company Black Chelsea Dress

As one of the prizes from Kandee shoes after winning the super fan competition, The Pretty Dress Company gave us a FREE dress of our choice! I’ll admit when I first read the the gift certificate I thought it was some money off a dress, not actually one whole free dress!!

So I got round to going on their website and WOWEE they have some great structured dresses! I loved them and it was really hard picking just one to have so I though I’d play it safe and order a lovely black pencil dress with a peplum frill that I could wear to work..


I arrived quickly to my surprise and I absolutely LOVE it! It fits like a dream the materials quite stretchy and I was abit worried it’d be too long as I’m very short, but it’s actually just right! 


I’d love to get another style as I couldn’t decide for ages and they have some really great dresses on their website! So maybe when I’ve got a bit more money I’ll get another one …

have a gander …


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