Carluccio’s Leeds

Italian is by far my most favourite food and my diet pretty much consists of Carbonara pasta so my sister wanted to try Carluccio’s in town as we’d never been there before, but heard it was nice there. 

There’s a little shop inside the restaurant which is quite cool as they sell lots of their sauces and had a mini bakery too which all looked really good so was really looking forward to eating! 


For starters I ordered the fried Calamari which was actually really nice..



It was really crispy, you got plenty of pieces and overall tasted really nice and fresh, plus it wasn’t soggy mmm

My sister ordered the tuna fishcake for starter..


For my main as usual I got the Carbonara however I asked for Penne instead of Spaghetti as I find Spaghetti hard to eat! The waitress wrote it down that I wanted penne however when it came it was spaghetti so had to have it sent back! It didn’t take too long for a new one to come..



The sauce was a bit watery but it was quite nice although the bacon was a tad bit salty. Not my favourite Carbonara i’ve ever had, but edible! I think I actually preferred the calamari over the carbonara too!

My sister had some chicken with parma ham on it and although it was quite pricey (I think £12 region) it was quite a small portion..


Overall it was ok there, I’d go back for the starter for sure, but doubt i’d go there regularly, but worth a try I guess! 


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