Johnny Fontanes Leeds

Driving past me and my sister decided to try this new burger restaurant in Leeds called Johnny Fontanes (bit of an odd name!) I’m assuming they’re going for the classic american diner look!

Anyway I was looking forward to it and when we went on Sunday lunch time, it was so quiet! At least we got served relatively quickly! I looked at the menu which I have to say is tiny! There really isn’t much variety which could well be their downfall as if you don’t like burgers or fried chicken you’re stuck!

I got a peanut butter milkshake (again not much milkshake options here, if they offered more like what they offer in Tinseltown London, I’m sure they would be more busy!)


The milkshake was nice – I was abit confused why it was white coloured when normally a peanut butter shake would be a bit brown! Oh well.. for main I got a classic cheese burger and some cajun fries..


The burger was actually really nice, the meat and bun was very soft, cooked just right and I finished it all as it was really tasty!! The chips were quite a lot so didn’t manage to finish those though!


My sister ordered the large appetiser plater and yeah its large…


It comes with chicken wings, onion rings and both normal fries and cajun fries! 

TBH you get a lot for your money – it’s not overpriced (2 milkshakes, 1 cheeseburger and fries and large appetiser was less than £20) and the food was good too, the only thing that’s a shame is the location of the restaurant makes it perhaps unknown and therefore it’s quiet there so not much of an atmosphere!

If you want a good burger along the lines of Gourmet Burger Kitchen then Johnny Fontanes will be right up your street! 



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