Kai Mayfair, London

For my birthday dinner my boyfriend took me to the lovely OXO tower for dinner (https://rainbowgloss.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/oxo-tower-harvey-nichols-restaurant-london/) so for his birthday I felt obligated to take him somewhere nice too and I chose Kai Mayfair. 

The main reason for choosing Kai is that, well there a chinese restaurant and as I’m chinese, I like chinese food and my boyfriend (who isn’t chinese) likes chinese food too! Sorted! Plus I saw them on Channel 4’s Gordon Ramsay Best Restaurant show! 

So I booked a table a few weeks in advance after looking at the mouth-watering menu..http://www.kaimayfair.co.uk/kai/PDFs/Kai_Mayfair_Food_Menu.pdf.. there was so much I wanted to eat .. soft shell crab, peking duck, lobster ginger & spring onion, lobster noodles… sadly my bank account wouldn’t allow me to have it all so I’d have to pick my favourites!

The restaurant is obviously in Mayfair, a very lush part of Mayfair where there’s plenty of fancy restaurants and bars, but it’s a little bit of a walk (in heels) from the nearest tube station which is Marble Arch. Nevertheless the surrounding area is beautiful and the outside setting is perfect for the calibre of food Kai serve!

Like I said, I’m chinese so I’ve had plenty of chinese food and I’ve been to plenty of chinese restaurants and to be honest I’ve never been to a really posh chinese restaurant, as well, I didn’t think they existed (if you’ve been to China town you’ll understand why it’s hard to imagine a posh chinese restaurant!) So I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the front door! 

The greetings friendly, I even had a phone call earlier in the day to confirm my booking and confirm it was for a birthday dinner too! The hostess seemed very well clued in and all I said was I had a reservation and she knew my name immediately! 

The atmosphere’s quite warm, the decors a bit of a dark buddha styled cosy restaurant and the staff were very polite and helpful! It wasn’t as busy as I thought it’d be especially for a Saturday night, maybe the high prices put people off these days either that or people are eating dinner later!

Anyway for drinks I ordered ‘The Orange Muscateer’ cocktail and boy was it strong…


Big cinnamon stick..


Then for starters, I ordered the Soft-shelled crab. I absolutely LOVE crab and lobster so I was really looking forward to this…


Mmm, it was really good … the batter on the crab was really crispy yet the crab was so soft inside, the only thing was, as I don’t eat vegetables, I didn’t have any of the sliced green stuff so the crab was a little bit plain bit the little drizzle of sauce was really really nice! I didn’t know what the sauce, but it was delicious with the crab! It’s a shame you only get 2 pieces really as I would’ve loved another ..

My boyfriend ordered their highly recommended Wasabi Prawns


Now I’m not a fan of prawns so didn’t try any, but my boyfriend said they were really good spicy, but not too spicy, plus they seem really popular – both the tables next to ours ordered them so I take it there a must-have here!

Delicious starters…


….and lovely presentation!

Now on to the mains..

My boyfriend ordered the spicy Chicken Cashewnut


Again I didn’t try any as I don’t like spicy foods, but the whole dish especially the chicken was really good, only problem was he bit into one of the chilli’s which nearly burnt his head off! He said they were incredibly spicy so just decided to leave them as they were too hot for him! He also ordered a steamed rice with it!

For me I ordered the ‘Canapes of Prawns on Toast’ i.e fancy prawn toast! It had black and white sesame seeds on and to be honest, it was one of the best prawn toasts I’ve ever had..


Then the long-awaited and most anticipated …’Lobster braised with Spring Onion and Ginger’..OMG mmm I really really looking forward to this and boy it didn’t disappoint…


Now it wasn’t the best lobster I’ve ever had, but it was the best I’ve had in the UK from a chinese restaurant! I love how the waitress curled up all the noodles in easier chunks, but you could tell the lobster was actually quite a small lobster.. nevertheless still delicious! Cooked really well and the spring onion and ginger flavour and sauce was spot on! 

My dessert..‘6 Textures of Chocolate and Peanuts’


Wow this dessert was gorgeous!, The ‘slice’ as I called it was crispy and crunchy one end and unbelievably soft on the other end! Perfect mix! The peanuts went really well with the chocolate sauce and soft part of the ‘slice’.. wow I want this dessert again! 

My boyfriend ordered the odd ‘Durian Souffle’ 


I loved the cute little teapot that had the syrup inside it and the waitress warned us that because it was Durian, it does smell a bit and yeah it did smell, but apparently it was really good… once you got past the smell! 

And the finale.. the little birthday treat …


Sweetly presented..

I really enjoyed my meal at Kai and so did my boyfriend.. yeah the prices are top-end, but their quality of food is tops! The service is fantastic and the food, delicious! One of the best chinese restaurants in the UK I’ve been to and I would love to go back again to try the Duck….but only if someone else is paying! 



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