Kandee Shoes Rotella Heels

Finally Kandee’s Skinnie Bitch collection has landed! I for one had to resist the serious temptation to go all out and buy all the items I wanted and I’m going to spread out my purchases over a few months instead!

Now tough decision here: which Skinnie Bitch would I get first?!

A) Dyna – black super high booties 

B) Rotella – black lower court heels that would be more practical

C) Naranja – these orange bad boys are to die for!

D) Dolce – pink clutch bag utterly juicy

So there was my dilemma and in the end I decided to go for practical over want! (Although watch this space I’m bound to buy all these and more anyway!)

My Rotella’s arrived….


I absolutely love the new bespoke gold tipped python print..it just gives it that extra gloss over..

The A/W Kandee’s now come in limited edition black boxes with new black drawstrings bags..




The gold just gives it that arghh I can’t describe it..


Love the new heel height, a lot more practical and comfortable..


Shiny gold sole.. makes me not want to wear them as I don’t want to ruin them..


Gold tipped fish scales..





I was a little bit worried when I tried them on as they seemed a little bit big, but actually when walking around in them they didn’t slip off one bit! I’m in love…


Next time…Dyna…I’m coming for you ….



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