AQUABYAQUA Louise Midi Dress

I am totally crushing hard on AQUA COUTURE’s A/W City of Gold collection and there are so many pieces from it that I want! I’ve got a mini wish list in my head already, but I bought one of the dresses that I saw in the lookbook that I just fell in love with! 

It was 100% my style; I loved the bold colour, the shape and the massive peplum frill around the waist! Plus it was a more classier dress length which now that I’m getting older is more suitable for me!

The only dilemma I had was picking which summer shade I wanted; tangerine orange or deep pink! 

In the end I went for the pink as I just loved the shade and pink is my favourite colour too! Usually with Aqua’s dresses I tend to stick to the classic black or white colours, but recently I’ve been loving the bright shades (SULPHUR SPRING!!) so thought I would branch out more into their colour palette! 

Here it is on the website… P.S. I really LOVE the belt! So Egyptian ..


Sadly I’m not 5ft9, in fact I’m barely 5ft so I was a bit worried about how long the dress would be on me, but it fits fine! I got a size 8 in the end as I couldn’t get the 6 past my hips! 


Yeah the bottom bit got creased quite easily and this dress is actually unbelievably hard to fold as the peplum frill doesn’t bend, but you can’t deny the dress is a beauty…


The frill is massive and no matter how you sit down, it does not lose it’s shape at all!




You can see from the picture that the colour really stands out as well as the design and that’s what I love about this dress! 

I really can’t wait for the rest of my Aqua wish list to become available on their website! Another season.. another bunch of winning dresses and skirts! 


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