Browns Restaurant – Leeds

I have always walked past Browns as it’s in the Light in Leeds, but after all these years it’s been there I’ve never been in until now!

TBH for ages I though it was the hotel restaurant which is probably why I’ve never been! But had a look at the menu with my sister and one dish stood out to both of us and we wanted it: Lobster Tagliatelle.

Mmm it sounded delish! I love lobster, I love cream sauce, I love pasta, therefore PERFECTION! So we went inside and the decor is really 1920’s! We got a window seat and it was nice and bright with loads of large plants inside and brown chairs around it was just really 1920’s, but it really went with the theme of restaurant!

The service was good if a bit slow, but that may have been because they were busy! The waiter we had was good though and he got my fussy order (no greens) right first time too so I was more than happy…


It was really yummy and creamy! Surprisingly there was actual quite a lot of lobster pieces underneath the pasta so you do get quite a lot in the dish. The sauce was a bit more creamy cheesy then white winey and I’ll admit it was quite a heavy meal and I couldn’t finish it, but I did enjoy it and would definitely get it again and actually I would definitely go back to Brown’s to eat again! 

We ordered a portion of fries too.. 


Looking at the rest of the menu a lot of their dishes are meat dishes and I don’t tend to go for meat dish in restaurants as I prefer pasta, but they sounded nice…

Wouldn’t say it’s the BEST place in Leeds for food, but definitely worth a visit at least once and the atmosphere and decoration gives it a great warm feel! 


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