AQUABYAQUA Bergman Dress & Skirt

Another win from AQUA! I can’t get enough of the peplum frill around the waist! The style is sophisticated yet unique and comes in a variety of colours…

The Bergman dress


Now comes in printed styles (I love the above print!) and candy colours such as baby blue and pink..


The long sleeves are perfect for winter as is the classic black colour..


And as if the dress wasn’t enough, the Bergman style is available as a skirt too! Perfect for the office!!


Don’t miss out! These are fast-sellers!



I’ve received my black Bergman dress AND I love it!!


I bought it in a size 8 as although I can fit into 6’s recently with Aqua’s clothes I haven’t been able to as the waist area has been so tight and doesn’t allow much give way! I’m glad I did get it in an 8 as it does fit perfectly if not a little bit tight around the arms plus although it’s not tight when standing up, I’d have serious trouble going to the toilet on a night out as I’m not able to lift the skirt part high enough as it’s tight!  The materials a different material than there dresses used to be, they used to have a more cottony feel but now they feel very satin sheer like! (I’m not good with my materials!!) Nevertheless I’m over the moon with it!!


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