Steve Madden Studlyy Loafers

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Steve Madden, however sadly as I live in the UK, there are no stores yet, with only a few concessions stores, unsurprisingly no where near me!

The only opportunity I’ve had to visit a store is in HK… and even there they had none of my sizes in stock as pretty much everyone in HK is my shoes size.. so therefore I have no Steve Maddens (Oh and I’m not going to order off their US website and pay $40 for delivery and then get slapped with a massive customs bill too!)

But this may soon change as I’ve completely fallen head over heels for the GOLD STUDLYY LOAFERS…


They’re sparkly, pointy and remind me of Ferrero Rochers! I Need these babies badly!

They also come in SILVER..




But the golds are by far my favourite!

Yeah because they’re hard to find in the UK I’ll probably have to pay a more premium price *cough £85 couch* but the cheapest I was able to find them at was from but only £5 cheaper! However, I’ve read a quite a number of reviews saying that their website is not to be trusted which totally put me off so I’m turning to trusty House of Fraser – I’d rather pay an extra £5 for my parcel NOT to be lost/ damaged!,default,pd.html


I gave in way too easily to these beauties! I went for the glittery gold ones in the end and I absolutely adore them..



IMG_7198 IMG_7201


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