AQUABYAQUA Sample Sale Leeds

I LOVE Aqua’s sample sale! The only problem(s) I find is that every time I go….

a) I NEVER have enough money on me because…

b) I end up wanting everything and then …..

c) I come home with things I wouldn’t normally buy, but did because they were under £20 and also….

d) I don’t go on the right days (when new stock is delivered) and miss all the good stuff BOOHOO!!

However I happened to be ever so lucky this time round in the sample sale as there were so many one-off items I’d never seen before up for grabs! and they were all in my size!!BONUS!

I wish I’d been paid in time as I could’ve bought more, but in the end I went for this one beauty…and I absolutely LOVE it!


I picked it up as it was really similar to my Sulphur colour Floyd dress, but this print was amazing! I’ve never seen the print on ANY of Aqua’s clothes before (and I closely follow all their seasons) and the sales lady told me it was a sample they’d made, but one that never went into production. And all for £40 – BARGAIN! 

The sample label inside states that it is from the SS14 collection (the ‘Sue Dress’) so it may well be a future Aqua dress, but I’m quite happy with my one-of-a-kind dress for now and kind of do wish they wouldn’t make any more as that would make mine less special!

The print reminds me of sweet wrappers or confetti, whichever it is I adore it and it’s going to be perfect for summer! 

Sadly Aqua’s sample sale is only lasting until the 31st January 2013, so only a few days left, but it’s definitely worth a visit and you can pick up some really good deals and pieces that are unique! Sigh… you can never have enough dresses (and shoes!)



AQUABYAQUA Bergman Dress & Skirt

Another win from AQUA! I can’t get enough of the peplum frill around the waist! The style is sophisticated yet unique and comes in a variety of colours…

The Bergman dress


Now comes in printed styles (I love the above print!) and candy colours such as baby blue and pink..


The long sleeves are perfect for winter as is the classic black colour..


And as if the dress wasn’t enough, the Bergman style is available as a skirt too! Perfect for the office!!


Don’t miss out! These are fast-sellers!



I’ve received my black Bergman dress AND I love it!!


I bought it in a size 8 as although I can fit into 6’s recently with Aqua’s clothes I haven’t been able to as the waist area has been so tight and doesn’t allow much give way! I’m glad I did get it in an 8 as it does fit perfectly if not a little bit tight around the arms plus although it’s not tight when standing up, I’d have serious trouble going to the toilet on a night out as I’m not able to lift the skirt part high enough as it’s tight!  The materials a different material than there dresses used to be, they used to have a more cottony feel but now they feel very satin sheer like! (I’m not good with my materials!!) Nevertheless I’m over the moon with it!!

AQUABYAQUA Louise Midi Dress

I am totally crushing hard on AQUA COUTURE’s A/W City of Gold collection and there are so many pieces from it that I want! I’ve got a mini wish list in my head already, but I bought one of the dresses that I saw in the lookbook that I just fell in love with! 

It was 100% my style; I loved the bold colour, the shape and the massive peplum frill around the waist! Plus it was a more classier dress length which now that I’m getting older is more suitable for me!

The only dilemma I had was picking which summer shade I wanted; tangerine orange or deep pink! 

In the end I went for the pink as I just loved the shade and pink is my favourite colour too! Usually with Aqua’s dresses I tend to stick to the classic black or white colours, but recently I’ve been loving the bright shades (SULPHUR SPRING!!) so thought I would branch out more into their colour palette! 

Here it is on the website… P.S. I really LOVE the belt! So Egyptian ..


Sadly I’m not 5ft9, in fact I’m barely 5ft so I was a bit worried about how long the dress would be on me, but it fits fine! I got a size 8 in the end as I couldn’t get the 6 past my hips! 


Yeah the bottom bit got creased quite easily and this dress is actually unbelievably hard to fold as the peplum frill doesn’t bend, but you can’t deny the dress is a beauty…


The frill is massive and no matter how you sit down, it does not lose it’s shape at all!




You can see from the picture that the colour really stands out as well as the design and that’s what I love about this dress! 

I really can’t wait for the rest of my Aqua wish list to become available on their website! Another season.. another bunch of winning dresses and skirts! 

Aqua Couture Rolf Dress

I think this is actually my favourite dress I’ve bought from Aqua! I really love how Christmassy the dress is! When I first bought it, I got it in black and I felt like there was a massive bow by one of my shoulders and and the sequin sparkly sleeve.

The material on my black one is a lovely stretchy material, but not too stiff so I really like my black on! I’ve worn it loads of times and still think it’s one of my safe dresses! I feel like I could wear it for almost any occasion bar a black tie event! 

Me wearing my black rolf dress for my friends birthday(with my Tarina Tarantino bag)..


I think it looks fab in this photoshoot Aqua did..


So I decided recently that I’d get it in the white/cream colour since AQUA reintroduced it and it was in the sale! I bought in the same size assuming it would pretty much bet the same and have to say I was a teensie bit disappointed. 

The bow area wasn’t quite the same and the material of the dress was different too! The material on the cream dress is a harder thinner material than the soft stretchy one my black one has! Even so I still love it, but don’t think it’ll replace my LBD!



Aqua Couture Paracoon Dress

I really love puffy sleeves and really liked the one puffy sleeve dress (Paracoon Dress) from Aqua, so I went into the store to buy it and tried on an 8. OMG it was so tight it didn’t fit me at all! So had to get the size 10  which on the bottom half just fit, but top half was a big, but as it’s got a sleeve it’s not too bad!

As usual I liked it in cream, but ended up getting it in black for some bizarre reason! But I think the blacks nice and I have more shoes that go with it!

The material is the more stiffer material they use – not the stretchy type but as it’s a bigger size it’s not too tight bad on me! Also the arm with the one puffy sleeve is a bit heavy but that’s the centre piece of the dress! 


I’ve worn it to dinner and put a belt round it so it doesn’t look too black and scrunched up round the tummy area! 


It’s a bit like a big fallen fan as a sleeve…



Aqua Couture Christy Dress

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! I saw it in their look book again in a cream colour and was like WOW where has this dress been all my life! And luckily I saw it a few days later in the sale for only £21! What a bargain! 

Aqua honestly have the best sales ever, yeah some of their stuff is quite pricey especially when they’ve just come in stock, but the quality is superb and the styles are so unique I’m willing to pay more to not look like everyone else!

So this dress I debated whether I should get a 6 or 8 and whether I should get it in cream or black and decided I’d go for a 6 in a black as it’s a bit more slimming and luckily it fits great and it’s not even such a squeeze to get in to either!  The material on the bottom half is quite stretchy and not their usual harder material. The top half is a bit odd as it’s like a chiffon type material but when it’s on you it loses a bit of shape and does make me boobs look slightly odd!


I’m thinking this might be one of my birthday dresses for this year – not that I’m having 2 birthdays! Just 2 nights of going out!


See what I mean with the top half, it’s a bit scrunchy!



Here it is on the models:


I was really tempted to get it in cream too but thought it might be a bit too much to have the same dress in 2 different colours! But if it ever comes back on their website or I see it in a sample sale I’ll probably go for it!


Aqua Couture Pony Dress

So I was bored today, now that my exams are over I don’t have much to do on Saturdays now and since I have work later, I didn’t really have enough time to go anywhere, so I decided to watch Die Hard and try on a few of my older AQUA dresses to make sure they still fit me!

Now this Pony dress, I bought about 2 years ago – can’t remember exactly, but I’ve had it a while and yet I’ve still never worn it out! I originally liked it when I saw it in their look book and managed to get it in the sale not long after, but when I tried it on it was quite an awkward dress to wear!

It’s a bit like wearing an apron over a dress as there’s so many layers to it and I don’t know if I’m just not tall enough but some of the flaps?? (I’m not really sure what to call the drapey material bits that are like sleeves, but not!) are very loose and fall down a lot on me – who knows, I mean that might be the look!

So I’ve had it kept in my suitcase for a while and only recently when I decided to sell a few things on ebay did I try it on and I decided despite never wearing it out, I do actually really like it! It’s got a unique look to and I actually like the flappy sleeve things falling down!


Here are the ‘flaps’…


Flaps falling down…a good look?


Now the bum flaps as I call them are a bit like a tail! Reminds me a bit of like a peacock but loads of AQUA dresses are so structured I suppose it does give the dress shape and it’s unique look!


ASOS also sell AQUA stuff. TBH I personally don’t like the model ASOS uses to model AQUA dresses as I don’t think she makes the dresses look as nice as they can look, now I’m not saying I’m a model, but I think each model has their own look and hers for me doesn’t suit the AQUA look either that or the scraped back hair look isn’t good!


AQUABYAQUA Blondie Maxi Dress

So another week, another Aqua dress…..and yep still loving that Sulphur colour! 

Got a low front maxi dress this time even though i’m a short ass and I really love it – would be great to wear at the beach (even though I haven’t been to one since 2009) but anyway!

Yeah it’s a pretty low front and my boobs might fall out so might have to wear tit-tape or get one of those boob stickers but meh I’ve got long hair so i’m sure it’ll be fine!! 



Yeah i’ve had it altered now so it’s not gathering dirt along the floor….


This is what it’d look like if I was 5ft 10..


Always love AQUABYAQUA or AQUA COUTURE as I think they used to be known, and pretty much buy on average about 6-7 dresses a season and this season I really love their sulphur spring colour (bright lime greeny yellow) and that colours proved really popular too so was lucky enough to be able to buy the Floyd dress in my size before it sold out! 

I say it was my size (I bought a UK 8) thinking it’d be right as sometimes with their clothes 8’s are just right, sometimes it’s too big and sometimes I can’t even get them passed my hips (OK i’ve got a fat ass and wide hips, but still…) and although it does fit me fine, the back is a little bit lose, i’m thinking cos i’m short and it’s definitely designed for a taller person i.e someone over 5ft! 

But I really love the shape of the dress! I originally wanted the H&M bright green dress from the conscious collection this year but I wasn’t able to get hold of it – it wasn’t available online and only available in selected stores (which were all pretty much in London no where near Leeds) so was really happy I got this Aqua one instead!

I love how the skirt bit comes out and it really has proper shape to it so don’t need to worry about it getting flattened when I’m sat down! 


Yeah ignore the creases…cba getting the iron out


Love how it’s such a bright colour.. need to get a tan now to make it look even brighter


The H&M one I originally wanted – think the aqua ones much nicer though! 


Aqua Couture Claudia Dress

My favourite shop/brand in the whole world: AQUA COUTURE

Ages ago I saw this dress worn by a non-celeb but people think she is a celeb (Kerry Katona)  in a cream colour (yeah I didn’t read the interview just more interested in the dress she was wearing!) and wanted it immediately but alas it wasn’t in stores yet and I waited months for it and when it finally did become available for me to buy for some bizarre reason I wanted it in black even though all I’d thought about was getting it in cream!

But happy days as I finally got my sought after dress just days before I went on holiday too and I’m so glad I did get it then as I found out afterwards that because Nicola wore it to go in the BB house it sold out!

I didn’t try it on when I bought it though which I kinda of regret now as I just assumed a size 8 would be right for me (i’m all over the place with their sizing! sometimes a size 8 is too big for me sometimes too small, sometimes 6 is just right but sometimes its way too tight!) The shoulders of the dress are a bit big for me and kept sliding down when I wore it but maybe it’s because I’m short and the dress is designed for a taller person?? who knows!


I would put a picture of me wearing it, but it was too dark on the night out I wore it so only have crappy shots of my shoulder!

oh la la


Now the sticky bits around the cleavage and the shoulder pads don’t really work in my opinion! It doesn’t stick to my skin as much as i’d like too and because I am a bit short the shoulders do slide off quite often!

Also the cleavage is quite low so I show quite a bit of boobage..(ignore the dirty mirror!)

The skirt part – I have the actual Klingon skirt (in black and nude) as well as the dress! I really liked this style for some reason!

I bought a size 8 and didn’t try it on as I was in a rush and the bottom half of it fits perfectly, but the top half is a bit loose, so I’m not sure whether I would’ve been better off getting the 6 – guess I’ll never know!