AQUABYAQUA Sample Sale Leeds

I LOVE Aqua’s sample sale! The only problem(s) I find is that every time I go….

a) I NEVER have enough money on me because…

b) I end up wanting everything and then …..

c) I come home with things I wouldn’t normally buy, but did because they were under £20 and also….

d) I don’t go on the right days (when new stock is delivered) and miss all the good stuff BOOHOO!!

However I happened to be ever so lucky this time round in the sample sale as there were so many one-off items I’d never seen before up for grabs! and they were all in my size!!BONUS!

I wish I’d been paid in time as I could’ve bought more, but in the end I went for this one beauty…and I absolutely LOVE it!


I picked it up as it was really similar to my Sulphur colour Floyd dress, but this print was amazing! I’ve never seen the print on ANY of Aqua’s clothes before (and I closely follow all their seasons) and the sales lady told me it was a sample they’d made, but one that never went into production. And all for £40 – BARGAIN! 

The sample label inside states that it is from the SS14 collection (the ‘Sue Dress’) so it may well be a future Aqua dress, but I’m quite happy with my one-of-a-kind dress for now and kind of do wish they wouldn’t make any more as that would make mine less special!

The print reminds me of sweet wrappers or confetti, whichever it is I adore it and it’s going to be perfect for summer! 

Sadly Aqua’s sample sale is only lasting until the 31st January 2013, so only a few days left, but it’s definitely worth a visit and you can pick up some really good deals and pieces that are unique! Sigh… you can never have enough dresses (and shoes!)



AQUABYAQUA Nicks Bodysuit & Klingon Skirt

Was a bit bored this afternoon so with my birthday just around the corner, I decided to try on a few of my outfits and see what I would wear for my birthday!

For my actual birthday dinner I think I’m going to go with my AQUABYAQUA Floyd Dress and my Kandee Lemonade Heels 


AQUABYAQUA Floyd Dress in Sulphur Spring – size 8


Kandee Lemonade Heels – size 3/36

So that’s my dinner night outfit sorted out I think, but here’s what I’m thinking for my night out for more dinner and the Vodka Ice Bar in London!


I love the Nicks Bodysuit I got from Aqua Couture when they first released it last autumn, but it does show a lot of boob and cleavage so hopefully I won’t fall out of it! 


My Klingon Skirt in nude colour, also from Aqua Couture, this is actually a size 6 as although I have wide hips, my waist is quite small and I like my skirts sitting quite high! I think the nude and the white colour look nice together and something nice and neutral like for summer! 

The bar belt is from Aqua Couture’s current season accessories and I love it! In fact I bought the actual belt, but then received 2 more of the same belt with other dresses I’d bought so had to sell 2 of them, but it is a great accessory to add of a bit of metal to the outfit!

Here it is all put together with my Kandee Lemonade heels…(imagine some fake tan on my legs) 

Side view..


Downward view…



Front view…


Love how the Kandee shoes give it that extra sparkle on my feet! Here’s to being 24!! 


Always love AQUABYAQUA or AQUA COUTURE as I think they used to be known, and pretty much buy on average about 6-7 dresses a season and this season I really love their sulphur spring colour (bright lime greeny yellow) and that colours proved really popular too so was lucky enough to be able to buy the Floyd dress in my size before it sold out! 

I say it was my size (I bought a UK 8) thinking it’d be right as sometimes with their clothes 8’s are just right, sometimes it’s too big and sometimes I can’t even get them passed my hips (OK i’ve got a fat ass and wide hips, but still…) and although it does fit me fine, the back is a little bit lose, i’m thinking cos i’m short and it’s definitely designed for a taller person i.e someone over 5ft! 

But I really love the shape of the dress! I originally wanted the H&M bright green dress from the conscious collection this year but I wasn’t able to get hold of it – it wasn’t available online and only available in selected stores (which were all pretty much in London no where near Leeds) so was really happy I got this Aqua one instead!

I love how the skirt bit comes out and it really has proper shape to it so don’t need to worry about it getting flattened when I’m sat down! 


Yeah ignore the creases…cba getting the iron out


Love how it’s such a bright colour.. need to get a tan now to make it look even brighter


The H&M one I originally wanted – think the aqua ones much nicer though!