Tatty Devine

I was on instagram and saw some jewellery I absolutely fell in love with! I’ve heard of Tatty Devine before but never really looked at what they have and I feel like I’ve been missing out! 

I really really want one of their personalised necklaces – you can chose from a rainbow of colours and several font styles for your own name necklace!

But until I get paid, I’m stuck just wishing I had their stuff…

My favourite item I saw has to be the AMAZING Eyelash Sunglasses…



They are so unique, so different and so now! Boy I can’t wait to get my hands on those!

I also adore the sweet Lolly necklace 



They remind me of the lollipops you get with sherbert dips!

The Pegasus earrings are an absolute MUST-HAVE! 



I’m completely in love with this earring style at the moment and these are must-haves for summer! 

I better start saving my money then …